What’s the Best Way to Gain Referrals for Your Bookkeeping/Tax Preparation Business?


You should concentrate your marketing efforts moving into the upcoming tax season if you want to attract more clients and bring in more revenue. Accounting and tax organizations, including My Tax Team dallas tx, must be more inventive than ever to attract new clients and stand out from the competition. When you use innovative marketing techniques to promote your company, you’ll be able to tap into a wealth of fresh opportunities.

Before you consider how to sell your company creatively, you must first grasp its social media presence. Establishing a solid brand for your company on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others is critical to attracting new clients. As you develop new and innovative strategies to advertise your Local Tax Preparation services dallas tx, post them on social media, especially as tax season approaches.

Here are some unique ideas to sell yourself or your company during the next tax season:

  • Expand your service offerings.

You’ll promote your organization as a place where your clients may get value-added services if you diversify. Many CPA services for small business in dallas tx organizations diversify their services to include virtual CFO, payroll processing, wealth management, general company planning, etc. Incorporate your new expertise into your marketing strategy to inform potential clients what your business can accomplish for them just in time for tax season.

  • Make personal contact with previous clients

Clients leave every accounting and tax business for various reasons, but you should constantly strive to stay in touch. Always include prior clients in a personal email or letter when your company launches new services, holds an event, or wins an award. You never know whether a previous client will be ready to return before the next tax season or if they will recommend your company to others.

  • Hold a competition

Contests are a guaranteed method to attract existing and future customers. However, the most successful marketing competitions entail more than merely submitting a name for a drawing. Organize a virtual treasure hunt with a fantastic prize or ask people to make an “accountant” snowman and upload images. Rewards that are highly coveted, such as a flat-screen TV or a family season pass to an amusement park, are guaranteed to attract attention.

  • Send a newsletter throughout the tax season

Consider sending a newsletter to everyone on your email list as tax season approaches. It’s a great strategy to get your company on your clients’ thoughts when they begin to worry about their money. A newsletter should primarily contain informative content with very little advertising content. Keep it focused on themes like the firm’s latest developments, new goods or services, and educational content.

  • Keep your blog material current and relevant for search engines to reach your site. 

New and helpful blog material helps websites rank better in search engines, resulting in more visitors. Include data on awards obtained, your company’s successes, industry developments, Payroll services for small business dallas tx information directed toward clients, and even recruits in your blog material. Invite community members to contribute guest posters or ask clients to write about a good experience they had with your firm.

  • Be generous

Giving back to the community is healthy for everyone, and it’s an excellent opportunity to show off your company’s devotion to the community. Many humanitarian groups are in critical need of funding, and your company can help. Donating time to a non-profit, assisting those in shelters or receiving housing assistance with their taxes, volunteering on a board or committee, and instructing university students in accounting or finance are examples. Non-accounting related charitable actions are also a fantastic way to help others.

  • Provide free workshops and seminars

Hosting free workshops, discussions, and talks is one of the most acceptable methods to get you and your company in front of potential prospects for the Bookkeeping services for small business dallas tx You have a captive audience at these locations ready to learn more about their top accounting and financial challenges, whether for individuals or their businesses. Attendees will look to you and your business for solutions to their accounting questions.

  • Giveaways

Pens, calendars, mousepads, backpacks, shirts, and water bottles are examples of promotional products that display your My tax team logo, name, and contact information. While it may appear that spending on accounting for promotional goods would have little influence, studies show that 85 percent of customers who received a promotional product did business with the marketer. Using a promotional item also increased the efficacy of other marketing activities by 44%.