What Can A Predictive Dialer Do For Your Outbound Call Center?

Predictive Dialer

Call centers need to rely on modern technology and resource allocation to run efficiently. Many businesses rely on them for different services. It is imperative to enhance agent productivity with the right blend of software and processes. Auto Dialers are critical for outbound call centers. Most of the modern dialers provide preview dialer, progressive dialer and predictive dialer.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

predictive dialer is a call automation tool that will dial a list of outbound numbers until they are answered by a human voice. Once somebody answers, it will route the call to the available agent in the campaign. In other words, the predictive dialer ensures that the agent is always connected over a call and is not waiting to be connected in the case of progressive dialer.

The predictive dialer simultaneously dials out multiple numbers for a single agent. It will start dialing the numbers based on previous connectivity rate.

The predictive dialer executes its functionality based on the pacing ratio. The pacing ratio is the number of calls that the dialer can make for each agent. For example, if the pacing ratio is 1:3, it means for a single agent 3 calls will be dialed out at the same time.

The pacing ratio is calculated based on the number of agents and channels available for the campaign. This ratio can be manually set for the specific campaign. This factor is essential as you can optimise it on factors like:

  • Number of available agents
  • Number of channels available for dialing out
  • Agent lock-in time (so that the agent is available to get connected)
  • Average handling time

A lower pacing ratio can make the agent remain waiting for the call and a higher pacing ration may lead to higher call abandon rate. However, as the call progresses the predictive dialer can fine tune the pacing ratio on its own based on the above parameters.

Predictive dialer is one of the most efficient auto dialers out there. The Grandview Research states that predictive dialers as a software has a market value of $1.35 billion. That is exactly how essential of a tool it is. It not only eradicates the need for manual dialing but also, can detect the call abandon rate and adjust its pacing ratio according to that. To top that off, it can also recognise answering machines, busy tones and SITs (Special Information Tones). All of this is done, without the agent lifting the finger to manually dial or stressing over unpicked calls.

How predictive dialers can impact your outbound call center?

Predictive dialer is a neat and sophisticated tool that enable agent efficiency. It has a completely positive impact on any outbound call center that deploys it. When predictive dialers are integrated with other necessary call center solutions, it can drive exciting results. Let’s discuss how all of that plays out:

No-pause dialing leading to higher productivity.

A robust predictive dialer solution will obviously enhance your agents’ productivity. With no breaks in dialing, agents will have ample time to jump on calls and do the needful. Agents can take more calls than they did before, when manually dialing. Predictive dialers have been known to reduce idle time by 25% and boosting productivity by 200%.

The predictive dialer will weed out dead leads and ensure your time is spent on only healthy leads. This increases your chances for conversions as well. As you keep having more personalised interactions with each connect, you come one step closer to converting them into a customer.

Autodialer compliance.

Call centers are bound by several federal laws in different countries. For example, in US, the TCPA regulation prohibits contact centers to make unsolicited calls to any wireless phone number using an autodialer. There are many such rules and regulations that restrain the flow of outbound calls to the general public.

To comply with these rules without inviting any legal hassle, ensure that the lead has provided consent to receive a sales or promotional call. The autodialer is provided with the contact number of the consented person via the API. This will ensure that unsolicited numbers are not uploaded into the autodialer. Such precautionary efforts will prevent your contact center from any violations, that can lead to hefty fines or reputational loss.

Omnichannel solution for seamless customer experience.

C-Zentrix Omnichannel provides an optional lead module. The predictive dialer can make the outbound calls as explained. But there are chances the same caller gets back to the brand over a call, chat or social media. It is very important to know the prospect journey and omnichannel provides it. With sticky agent, the same sales agent gets connected to the prospect irrespective of the channel that the prospect connects with.

Peek into your agent performance with call monitoring.

Managers and team leads need a way to gauge their agent’s performance. With C-Zentrix call logger, managers can monitor ongoing calls, record them with customer consent and train the sales agent to make any improvements in future calls. With call whisper or call coaching, the supervisor can even whisper to their agents in the live calls. CZ-Dialer comes with an in-built analytics tools which will generate regular reports for managers providing insights of call connection, call abandon rate and call failure. The supervisor can also view the percentage completion of the list and churn the list if required.

Conversions with reduced acquisition cost.

A predictive dialer is an integral part of a robust contact center solution. Your contact center can automate its most primary function that is dialing numbers. This will ensure a reduction in headcount while increasing operational efficiency. These alongside above mentioned benefits, will bring down your customer acquisition cost as compared to your conversion rate.


While other forms of outreach are picking up but voice along with SMS and Email still remains the best way to connect prospects. C-Zentrix provides all channels (voice, chat, email, SMS, social and bots). So, we can surely guide your team if you need any assistance in enhancing your customer outreach process.