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Social networking sites are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Instead of waiting for the weekend or calling friends to share experiences, we now instantly make our near and dear ones a part of our lives. People love posting stories on networking sites. It makes them feel happy. Sharing stories on social media means that you want your followers to know what you are up to.

Share your Joy

Social media has brought instant gratification for us. We love to share our hip and happening events with the people we love. It has become as easy as touching your phone screens, and the world will see what you enjoy doing most.

It is also possible now to share our live streams with our friends and family. If your spouse could not make it to the picnic because of work, you can instantly make them a part of your recreation through a live stream. With the stories, you share the experience by posting multiple photos. Your followers can share their love in the comments on the snaps.

Interacting with people close to us and those who are not so close is now easier than ever. Everyone is accessible. You can reach out to anyone through social media. The most important impact it has is on the art of expression.

Snapchat Story: Choose Your Option

While the business and professional pages need public posts to maximize their reach, personal accounts need some privacy. If you want to share a certain story with a few people, this blog is the right place.

Snapchat knows its users and understands their needs, so it gives the users an option to choose between the following types of stories.

My Stories

These is the default ones. You add your snaps to the story and share them. All of your added friends on Snapchat can view and comment on your story. It is simply the basic version of stories without any customized settings.

Public Stories

If you enjoy people’s attention and it might be a part of your job, this feature will help you a great deal. You can change your story settings to public, and anyone on Snapchat will be able to view your story.

Private Story

Make your stories private if you want only a few people to see your story specifically. When you make your stories private on Snapchat, you select a few people on your friends’ list to share your stories with them. The rest of your friends will not see what you post in your stories.

Step-by-step Guide to change your Snapchat Story settings to private.

In this section, you will find detailed guidelines to shift from default or public story status to private on Snapchat.

  • First things first, open your Snapchat app.
  • Choose the pictures you want to post. You can also post videos. If you want to take new pictures, snap now.
  • Press the send button next.
  • In the next section, you will get two options, a personal story and a custom story. Touch the private option to lock your selection.
  • Snapchat private stories are highly customizable. You can pick several friends from your list who can view your story. Only the selected friends will be able to see your Snapchat story.
  • Add the final touches to your story like stickers etc. you can also add tags to the story. Do whatever you want to make your story presentable.
  • The final step is the best. Touch the send button and let the world know your brilliance.

Note: The people you select to view your private stories will also access your public stories. The stories may appear differently for android users and iOS ones, based on the operating system. But the point here is that they can view it all.

Changing Snapchat privacy is Simple.

You selected a few friends for your private stories, but now you are unsure if they are the right group for your personal snaps. You change your mind, and now you want to make some changes to your friend list who can view your private Snapchat.
It is a simple and easy process. Follow our guidelines, and you will have no trouble altering your friend list.

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Go to the profile section.
  • From there, move on to the settings.
  • Once you are in settings, move down to the option to see the people you have allowed to view your Snapchat currently.
  • Time to make some changes. Delete the people who made you unhappy and add those who vibe with you. You can make your changes in this section and get back to your Snapchat.

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