Video SEO – Capture and keep your customers’ attention

Video SEO

You’ve probably heard what SEO optimization is and you may not know all the details, but it’s enough to know that it refers to the ranking of a page when searching for keywords.

And have you heard that the same thing exists for video or video SEO?

Well, if you haven’t, get ready to embark on a new video marketing adventure, and if you have, then pick up useful tips on how to make video SEO successful.

If you’re wondering why you should be interested in it when you haven’t included video marketing in your business or you think it’s expensive, not effective enough, you don’t have time for it, information that was just a prediction for the year 2020, is more than true today: By the end of 2020, more than 80% of all consumer web traffic will be video.

So, the video really kills the radio or any other star.

First, what is video SEO?

Video SEO is optimizing your video so that it ranks high in searches for keywords relevant to the client who started the search.

Why do we even need video SEO?

Today, video attracts much more attention than any other content, because simply by itself it can encompass the most different content in a short time – image, text, sound, graphics, animation, logo… Therefore, it is the content through which people adopt the easiest information.

That’s exactly why marketers have been turning more and more to the use of video in recent years, and that trend doesn’t pretend to stop, the more video grabs with serious steps and destroys everything in front of it.

Then it’s pretty clear that maybe a better solution is that when potential clients start a keyword search, one of the first two results is not your website, but a video that will take them to your website, Facebook or Instagram page, etc.

If they have two options – one is text and the other is video, be sure that they will choose to watch the video first and that’s when they arrive at your site, and that’s where your story begins.

How to optimize your video?

Do not be afraid that for all this you need professional knowledge and especially not the knowledge of a programmer. You don’t need to research and get into definitions and codes or be a tech wizard, it just matters how you think, what you think about, and what you want to achieve. Strategy is the key word and without it, the effects will not be satisfactory.

We bring you 5 tips for SEO video optimization:

1. What is your idea?

Without a clearly defined idea, there is no good video. It’s the same for marketing as a whole. Why is that important? Precisely because of the expansion of video that we mentioned above, which further implies that you have video wherever you turn and for whatever you want. Human attention is at an all-time low, so you don’t have time to waste on messages that aren’t targeted. So think about what emotions you want to evoke. What is your goal for new clients? Increase in sales? Raising brand awareness? More likes? Don’t be afraid to go backward, that is, from what your goal is, to construct your idea, that is, where you want to start from.

2. Keywords

A clearly defined idea and plan are important for another reason, and that is keywords. When you define whom you are addressing, what you want to tell them, and what reaction you want to encourage, then you will know what your keywords are, i.e. what are the keywords that potential clients will use in the search, and which should lead them to of your video. When you come up with a strategy and plan, think of it as a funnel – go from the breadth of your idea, down to one to two words that will sum up your idea. Let your idea be a diamond in the rough, and the strategy that will polish it, so that in the end that diamond becomes keywords.

3. Thumbnail – love at first sight

A potential client’s first encounter with your video is just the thumbnail. And that’s one of the factors on which a lot depends on whether someone will even click to watch your video. Be sure to think about what a thumbnail should be that would attract additional attention, but at the same time send a good message, without accidentally taking the entire video out of context or sending a bad message.

4. Video transcription

How will a search engine, let’s say Google, recognize what your video is about and offer it as the first result when searching for keywords? This is why video transcription is important. Transcription will not only boost video SEO, but will also give searchers an insight into what the video is about, and in what context it was made, even if it is a repurposed video, and thus further confirm your relevance, consistency, openness, and credibility.

5. Spread across all channels

Distribute your video on as many different channels as possible, so that it reaches more people, but again if it is tailored to your target group. Your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailchimp…anything you can use to distribute your video. However, don’t forget one thing “other platforms” i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. will try to increase their traffic and not your site traffic, so it would be good to focus your energy when it comes to video SEO more on “your ” channels, and even if it involves some payment, it will have a stronger effect.