Understanding Termites And Termite Control


Many bugs may invade our homes, but termites are the most destructive. The damage a termite colony can occur in your home can be very costly to fix. So, it would be best to eliminate these pests from your house so your family can live safely as well as you can protect your valuables. Therefore, do not delay having a professional termite control agency evaluate and treat your home if you discover any evidence of a termite infestation.

How to Spot Termites?

Awareness of the possibility of termites being on your property is the first step in avoiding them. Termites emerge into your property by tunneling in the ground, mud, or wooden structure. Most individuals don’t realize they have a termite problem until they see a swarm or discover damage caused by them when renovating or building. Here are a few of the methods you may check for deterring termites and knowing that you need termite control.

  • Check for hollows in the wood by poking it using a flathead screwdriver or similar tool
  • Track down swarms of termites
  • Tickling sounds may also be there
  • Check the corners of the room if they are cracked and get darken
  • The fallen body marts of termites may be scattered on the ground

The Best Three Termite Control Options

For termite control, the three most common treatments are followed by professionals.

  • Soil Treatment:

Soil termite control treatments are applied to the soil around a building because subterranean termites thrive there. In this treatment, the termiticide is applied to the ground. Before applying a termiticide to the soil, a trench is excavated around the perimeter of the building’s foundation. After that, the professionals fill up the trench. Termites that have been inside the home are killed when they try to leave and return to their earth nest, which reduces the likelihood of further infestations.

  • Bait Systems:

A termite colony may be effectively destroyed with a bait termite control technique. The perimeter of the house will be outfitted with bait stations. A pest control expert will check these stations at regular intervals to ensure the residence is protected from any existing or potential future infestations. This treatment for termite infestations has shown to be very successful when incorporated regularly. You can make a contract with the pest control service providers to timely check your property for any sign of termite infestation if you find it difficult to detect by yourself and hire the professionals every time.

  • Wood Treatment:

Specialists in termite control management have a wide range of options for treating wood to eliminate existing termite colonies and discourage new ones from establishing themselves. Wood may be treated in many ways. They can be with a spray applied to the surface, injected spray, or foam. Borate wood treatments are often used by exterminators to both prevent termite infestations and eradicate existing ones. Surface treatments used during construction, as well as post-construction injections and foams, are all examples of wood treatments.

How long will the Termite Control treatment last?

All liquid termiticides should keep termites away for at least five years when used per package instructions. Several variables, such as the kind of termiticide used, the application method, the nation’s location, the climate in the area, and the number of termites infesting the residence, will determine how long the termite infestation is kept at bay. The termiticide will not degrade over a year, so if termites swarm and infest the building again, it is not because the chemical barrier has been compromised.

One more thing impacts the longevity of the termite control treatment is that who is doing the job. It is always better to get it done by an expert hand, therefore. Do your research and find the best pest control service-providing company and hire a qualified person.


Termites are annoying pests that pose a little health risk to people but may severely damage a home. The damage they do to the wooden constructions might cost you a lot of money. The worst thing is that you may not realize you have a termite problem until the damage becomes obvious. If you discover a termite or any other pest infestation in your home, you must immediately get professional termite control assistance.