The Best Use Of A Silk Scrunchie Is Nigh-Time


Any moment, I can get another day out of my hair without having to wash it is a win in my book. And I’m sure a lot of you share my sentiments! When dry shampoo resurfaced in popularity a few years back, it allowed a lot more ladies to have an additional day or two from our existing style, which was really a huge time saver. Use a silk scrunchie to tie your hair after using a dry shampoo.

If your arms suffer after blow-drying, go to the tricep department.

Dry shampoo is excellent, however, there are lots of things you can do afterward to substantially assist you to restyling your hair, or perhaps even give us the opportunity of doing next to nothing.

Resting on A Duvet Cover

For a few years, I’ve enjoyed resting on a duvet cover. It not only feels so great against my skin, but it also maintains my hair silky-smooth and frizz-free. How many of you have awoken with a curled portion of your hair and puzzled where it came from? OR did your hair flip in an odd way due to a peculiar bend at the root area? With a silk pillowcase, this virtually never happens. To be honest, it’s never happened to me with a silk pillowcase.

It will be such a perfect combo with a silk pillow and silk scrunchies.

Loose Ponytail While Sleeping:

Furthermore, sleeping with your hair in a loose ponytail will assist you to wake up with silky locks. I’ve only lately started to use the Silk scrunchies, and I’m really like them. When I wrap them repeatedly around my hair, they’re a little loose, but it’s enough to keep my hair straight without slipping out of the scrunchie. The scrunchy fabric should be supple and not too tight around your hair to form a crease. I slide the scrunchie closer to my ends once I put my hair in a ponytail and lay down, so it wouldn’t crease around my crown. Although if I wake up with a furrow, it’s far quicker to flatten it out with a straightener than it is to completely restyle my hair.

Hair-care Nightmares: 

My nighttime hair care routine is so uncomplicated. I run my wet brush through it and generally flip it to the contrary direction from where it was divided. Then, just before going to bed, I flip over again and pull my hair into the finest ponytail I can. I lie down on the couch, pull the silk scrunchie down about an inch, and fall asleep! I take it out in the morning, and my hairstyle usually looks the same as it did the night before. I’ll touch up at the top and the front of my hairstyle if I need to re-curl it, however, if I’ve flat ironed it, it typically wouldn’t need any additional heat style!

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