Important Facts About Wondfo IVD


Point-of-care testing refers to testing procedures that analyze medical information from blood and urine samples. A renowned IVD company, Wondfo, will discuss the definition of IVD and a few Wondfo lab specifics.

Introduction to IVD

A preventative kind of healthcare is IVD. It assesses your general health and determines whether you have any conditions that might require treatment using several tests.

IVD has become popular in hospitals. It has been proven that the method improves the accuracy and quality of data acquired from a single device, resulting in time savings and superior patient care.

About Wondfo

Since its founding in 1992, Wondfo has concentrated on the development, manufacture, distribution, and support of IVD devices, offering clients specialized options for quick diagnosis and the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Based on Wondfo’s comprehensive technological platform, a one-square-meter quick test lab may offer testing combination solutions suitable for the majority of clinical application cases.

The point-of-care product lines from Wondfo, including colloidal gold, fluorescence immunoassay, blood gas, coagulation, dry chemistry, and molecular diagnostics, were used in the construction of this lab.


Due to its excellent efficacy, IVD technology is now widely used in the healthcare industry. A1c machines are a significant advancement in IVD testing thanks to their speed, sensitivity, and precision. If you’re interested in learning more about IVD, go to the Wondfo website