Dental Implants Removal: Can The Dental Implant Be Removed?

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If you are planning on dental implants removal, either to replace them with another set or because they are causing pain and discomfort, it’s important to know whether or not the existing set can be removed safely and easily. A lot of people assume that once the tooth replacement procedure has been started, there’s no going back – you have to live with your new teeth forever. However, depending on the method you used to get your dental implants in place initially, it may be possible to remove them at some point later down the line when you want something different. So how do dental implant removal procedures work?


Yes, The Dental Implant Can Be Removed

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. It comes with two parts, an artificial tooth and a screw-shaped anchor that’s implanted into the jaw. Once securely fixed, it will last forever; however, if you need to remove your dental implants Houston can help! If you decide to have them removed, we can take care of this service for you at our Houston dental office. There are many reasons why people want their dental implants removed and they should never be taken lightly. Some people may want to change dentists or simply don’t like their appearance anymore. Others may have oral health complications or mouth injuries that make it difficult to wear dentures or eat certain foods.


The Removal Process Is Fairly Simple

There are a few reasons why someone might want to remove a dental implant. For some, it’s because they no longer want the dental implant and would like to replace it with their natural tooth. For others, there are other oral health concerns that make them want to remove their dental implants from their mouth. Whatever your reason for wanting to remove your dental implants, we can walk you through how to do so in a safe and efficient manner.

When you come in for an appointment at our Houston Dental Implants Clinic, one of our dentists will give you an estimate on how much time it will take to extract your implanted tooth and set up any necessary bone grafting procedures before placing another implant into your jawbone if necessary.


There Are A Few Reasons Why You Might Need To Remove Your Dental Implant

If you are having any dental issues, your dentist may recommend removing your dental implant. If you lose weight or develop a medical condition that leads to jaw shrinkage, it is necessary to remove your dental implant in order to make room for the new teeth. For some people, however, it is never necessary to have their implants removed. Dental implants Houston can help you decide whether or not you need to remove your dental implant.


There Are A Few Risks Associated With Removing A Dental Implant

The first thing to know about dental implants is that they are not removable. Dental implants are often chosen for their stability and permanence in order to replace missing teeth and create a natural-looking smile. However, if you were to need your dental implant removed for some reason, it will have to be surgically replaced by a new one.

The next thing to know is that there are certain medical conditions or situations where removal may be recommended, but these are typically uncommon and require approval from your dentist. For example, when you have gum disease or bone infection around your implant site, it’s possible that removing the dental implant will allow your oral health to recover more quickly.


If You Have Any Questions About Removing Your Dental Implant, Be Sure To Talk To Your Dentist

The dental implant is a device used in dentistry to replace missing teeth. Like any other device, it can break down or malfunction. When that happens, your dentist will go over with you what your options are. Your dentist will then make a decision based on the extent of damage and how long it’s been since you had your dental implants put in. The dental implant is a common solution for people who have lost one or more teeth because they’re either too uncomfortable without their natural tooth roots or they cannot eat properly because they have no place to anchor their dentures. If you need to get them out, your dentist will talk about whether a tooth extraction procedure would be appropriate, as well as what replacement option would work best for you.

A dental implant may not be an option if there’s an infection in the area around it. In this case, your dentist might recommend removing the infected tissue and waiting until healing has taken place before replacing the tooth with an implant.