Importance Of Hi Vis Clothing Workers Will Need The Gears Regularly For Safety Purposes

hi vis workwear

There may be an instance where you find workers sweeping the roads and labours working on the roads wearing bright coloured uniforms. The workers can be spotted easily from a far distance and hence have been noticed. In various large industries, factories the laborers wear the hi vis clothing. They are essential for the employees, it enables them to protect themselves from any accidents or mishaps. The work of the laborers is carried out in risky conditions. It is the reason that high visual clothes are allotted to the workers.

Purpose of the High Visibility Cloths

  • The clothing is high luminescent that help in to spot the workers wearing these from far and in dark.
  • These hi vis clothing are also used as PPE clothes to avoid any kinds of hazards that workers face in the construction sites.
  • Cyclists, motorists wear this to protect themselves. The cycles are not equipped with horns or headlights like other motor vehicle. Also cycle and motorbike are comparatively smaller in size and hard to spot.
  • Hunters also are wearing high visual clothing in forests. It is to avoid misunderstandings between animals and humans. The bright color of the clothing helps in easy identification from far. It reduces the chances of any unwanted accidents.
  • Firefighters also need to wear the clothing for the reflective feature of the luminescence. These clothing are effective for every risky job that needs special attention or a spot for the safety of the workers.

Different Types Of Clothing That Can Be Hi Vis

The cloth material of high visuals is available at low prices. Hi vis clothing  makes workwear affordable for all occupations and professions. The clothing is for their protection and safety. Along with the clothes, they wear protected shoes such as gumboots, helmets, and gloves. The clothing may be divided into different ways:

1. Safety Jackets

Jackets are for different purposes such as for constructive sites, reflective, motorcyclist, and waterproof. All serve for the protection and safety of the workers and sportsperson. They are affordable and are of top quality.

2. Safety Shirts

These shirts are available in orange and yellow or lime colors. The safety shirts can be differentiated into sweatshirts with zippers and without zippers. The colors of the hi vis clothing allow us to visualize even in winter fogs or nights. Workers can use this sweatshirt in cold weather or rain for protection.

3. Safety Vests

Ground staffs of the airport, workers working in heavy traffic areas wear safety vests. These vests are green and orange in color that they wear for high visuals. Best to wear on sunny days of summer.

4. Safety Shoes

These shoes are design for only safety purposes. The shoes that are made of hard material are extremely good for providing protection to the feet. The only drawback here is that these are not meant for comfort pupose and must not be worn for a long time. Such hard shoes makes it difficult to walk anywhere other than the allotted workplace.

How Often Should One Change Their Hi Vis Clothing?

The minimum life span of a hi vis clothing lasts till six months. It is not allowed to wear workwear for more than the stipulated time. The life span of the high visual wears varies with the effects of the season or climate.The jackets can be used for an extended period if not required for working in dangerous environments.  An employee may need to replace it before six months. If there is any of the following damage:

  • Dirty
  • Torn
  • Discolored
  • Hardly visible from distance

Often the workers are allowed to wear for an extended period if it has no damages. It should be clean, free from intense dirt or grease, and should be efficiently maintained. The brightness of the clothing is essential for proper visuality even in the dark or far distance. If the color and luminance are affected, then the hi vis clothing workwear should be discarded immediately.