Track Employees time and attendance from mobile phone


As many of us are acquainted with the quote “Time and tide wait for none” we tend to realize the importance of time. There is no doubt that time is the biggest asset of mankind.

Some use it wisely and some fail to utilize it.

We all have got same number of hours in a day but how we utilize it makes the difference.

If we see from the perspective of a company or an organization, time is everything for them but still many of them face a hard time managing and recording the time and attendance of their employees because they rely on the orthodox methods of pen and paper till today.

It consumes a lot of time and energy and yet there are high chances of errors because human have their own capacity.

But the good thing is that this hard work can be converted into smart work just by adapting new yet familiar methods!

One of the methods is using a time and attendance tracker application. This allows you to track your employees time and attendance anytime anywhere with the help of your own mobile phone.

Isn’t it convenient!?

There are abundance of benefits of tracking employees’ time and attendance from mobile phone but yet let me present some of them in front of you.

• Reduce Error

There is a high chance of having error when inputs are made by humans.  we know these day due to corona Biometric Attendance Systems are not safe, also have many disadvantages of biometric attendance system. But when we use mobile application, it reduces the chances of error.

• Accuracy

Since there will be less error made because of using mobile(machine) over human labour, it increases the accuracy and makes the work more efficient. 

•Reduces Cost

Using mobile phone for tracking time and attendance of employees will reduce the labour cost which profits the firm/ company/ organization.

• Increase Satisfaction of Employees

With the usage of automated system it becomes easier to manage attendance , planned and unplanned  absence of an employee and that can be overviewed by employees or employers anytime therefore increasing the satisfaction of employees and trust towards the company.

•Provides Transparency 

Employees will be able to input their hours on the application which will provide transparency.

No matter how big or small the firm is, it is very important to move hand in hand with the fast growing world and work smartly rather than putting multiple hours in work which can be done in few minutes.

How to find best solution?

There is many App available in market but here I want to discuss one of the best solution that is TimeKompas App. In TimeKompas app comes with features like daily check in and checkout attendance and with geo tagging. Also have Live tracking and customer visit option which lets you know the location and places were employees have been through during customer visit. Its also have employee attendance analyzer feature. With this you can track employee’s activities like late in/early out and half day, also overtime working. You will get the details if some of your employees are continuously on leave or coming late on regular basis comers or working overtime.

So at last we can said that Tracking employees time and attendance from mobile phone will give you some brownie points in this highly compatible racing world!