Hydra Facial Treatment For Ethnic Skin: Safety And Efficacy

Hydra Facial Treatment For Ethnic Skin: Safety And Efficacy Considerations
Hydrafacial Treatment In Dubai

Division causes further division. Everything is divided by sizes, shapes, and colors. Talking about colors, even skin has been divided into a certain identity. White skin. Brown skin. And Black skin. No, we are just skin, regardless of any color. And a skin wants what it needs. Good detoxification and being able to breathe. How Dubai is home to many Multi-Ethnic people, Hydra Facial in Dubai is to multi-ethnic skin. It is a treatment that is designed to work under and above the skin, regardless of differentiating between the colors. And uniting skin with texture and providing quality to it. Learn more about the multitasking effects of Hydra Facial Treatment For Ethnic Skin: Safety And Efficacy Considerations. 

What Is The Importance Of A Hydra Facial Treatment? 

Hydra Facial is a superpower. It is an advanced treatment that is powered by multiple effective techniques. They work together to improve your skin quality. The aim of the treatment is to reach the problematic areas inside the skin and clean them. The main goal of Hydra Facial is to restore shine to your face. And a glow is what it installs in your skin.

What Are The Results Of A Hydra Facial Treatment?

Hydra Facial is magic. You will see instant and long-lasting results after the treatment. With each passing day, as you continue to take care of your skin, you will notice a rejuvenating effect on your face. This effect can last for a good 2 months or even more. Experts advise getting a Hydra Facial every 2 to 3 months. The treatment is an investment in your beauty. Your skin will thank you every day.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hydra Facial Treatment?

There are countless benefits to Hydra Facial in Dubai, read on to learn more;

  • It is a multitasking treatment. Hydra Facial works both underneath and above the surface of your skin. It targets dirt and grads them out of your pores.
  • You will notice instant results. No one will be able to resist the glow of your face.
  • Day by day, you will see great improvements in your active acne. And a massive reduction in the trails of scars it leaves behind. 
  • Your face will appear softer and smoother.
  • You will notice a calmness in your color complexion. Even the unattractive large pores are gone for good.
  • There is a noticeable decrease in your wrinkles and fine lines. The skin looks tighter and firmer after the treatment.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For The Treatment?

Hydra Facial is a friendly treatment for all skin types. If you think your skin is looking exhausted. Or the complexion has been looking dull lately. You are in an ideal condition to change your situation. 

What Are The Precautions Before The Treatment?

There are no serious measures that have to be taken before the big day. But it is ideal to not wear any makeup on the day of your treatment. Also, do not have your skin self-exfoliated prior to the treatment. 

What Is The Procedure Of The Treatment?

It takes less than an hour to perform the treatment on each individual patient. This is how it is done;

  • An expert will clean your face. The treatment begins with detoxification of the entire face. This will allow the facial pores to soften in order to gain excess inside them.
  • The next step is to remove the dirt away by gently exfoliating the face. This will also help with blood circulation within the skin.
  • Then comes the key stage of the Treatment. The extraction of the blackheads and whiteheads is put into action. Even the most minute particles of dirt are drawn out of the skin pores. This allows your skin to be able to breathe again.
  • The second last step is to; restore the hydration back to the skin. The expert will apply a combination of serums and moisturizers to the essential oils inside the pores. This will block the bacteria to enter the oil glands. 
  • And finally, the last step is to seal the pores. This is done with the help of LED light therapy. The light beams help to relax the skin. And minimize the facial pores. This is the door-locking effect. And the harmful bacteria is locked outside the door without any keys. Which means you get to enjoy the safety of your beautiful-looking skin.

What Is The Aftercare Post The Treatment?

Hydra Facial is itself a series of care for your skin. You can feel your skin all nice and clean at this point. So the only thing left to do is;

  • Protect your skin against sun exposure and sun baths. 
  • Wear a higher SPF to prevent any sun damage. 
  • Do not use harsh chemical exfoliants and chemical products on your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. 
  • And lastly, always wash your hands before touching your face.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of The Treatment?

Hydra Facials do not cause any side effects. But sometimes, a mild reaction might occur due to deep cleansing of the skin. You may notice redness or bruising. Don’t worry, the skin will calm down within hours.

What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

Hydra Facial is a pocket-friendly treatment. The average cost of Hydra Facial in Dubai is estimated between AED 799 to AED 1500 per session.

Why Do I Need This Treatment?

Many a time, less is more. There is no need to go heavy on extra foundation layers anymore. With HydraFacial on your side, your skin can breathe. And you will no longer be constantly wondering about hiding any unwanted problem on your skin. It is the ultimate transformation to healthy-looking skin.