Dr. M. Kalpana is a renowned gynecologist and obstetrician who is known for her exceptional medical expertise and compassionate care. She is the founder and chief doctor of Kasturi Hospital, a leading healthcare center in Chennai, India, that specializes in women’s health.

Kasturi Hospital was established in 1996 by Dr. M. Kalpana with a vision to provide high-quality healthcare services to women in Chennai and the surrounding areas. Over the years, the hospital has grown into a state-of-the-art medical facility that offers a wide range of services, including gynecology, obstetrics, infertility treatment, laparoscopic surgery, and more.

Dr. M. Kalpana is a highly experienced and skilled gynecologist who has been practicing for over two decades. She completed her MBBS from Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, and her post-graduation in obstetrics and gynecology from Madras Medical College, Chennai. She is a member of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

Dr. Kalpana’s expertise in the field of gynecology and obstetrics has earned her a reputation as one of the best doctors in Chennai. She is known for her personalized approach to patient care and her commitment to providing the highest standard of medical treatment. Her patients praise her for her kindness, empathy, and attention to detail.

Kasturi Hospital is a patient-centric healthcare center that is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to women. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology, and the staff is highly trained and experienced. The hospital has a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and support staff who work together to provide comprehensive care to patients.

In addition to its medical services, Kasturi Hospital also offers educational programs and workshops to promote women’s health and wellbeing. The hospital regularly conducts health camps, awareness programs, and seminars to educate women about their health and to empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

In conclusion, Dr. M. Kalpana and Kasturi Hospital are pillars of excellence in the field of women’s healthcare. Their commitment to providing compassionate care and their dedication to advancing medical science has earned them a reputation as one of the best healthcare providers in Chennai. If you’re looking for high-quality medical care for women, Kasturi Hospital and Dr. M. Kalpana should be at the top of your list.