7 Recommendations For a Holiday-Appropriate Social Media Strategy



Are you planning your social media marketing strategy for the holiday season? Then you are exactly where you need to be! 

It’s simple to put off your holiday social media planning, given everything else you have going on. However, if you have a schedule of posts prepared, you may start your fall marketing campaign immediately and possibly gain a lead over your competitors who put off marketing. Not recognizing what to publish is one problem preventing retailers from being successful on social media.  

Here are seven quick recommendations for social media marketing that will help you write engaging articles encouraging purchases. 

Customer Appreciation  

You should always express your gratitude to your long-term clients for their support of your company. Giving your social marketing followers a shout-out and expressing gratitude for their support during the holidays is a terrific idea. As a method of communicating “thank you,” you might provide your followers with a unique coupon code that provides 10% off or free shipping. You may also create a distinctive hashtag and invite your fans to share their material on your site. This is a fantastic method of gathering user-generated content (UGC). 

Influencer Partnership  

Your business can benefit from influencer marketing by gaining external credibility. Influencers are persons outside your company who are recognized as authorities in your industry and possess a sizable following on social media. Engaging an influencer to write a few pieces on your goods or services might help you become more well-known and credible. Make early connections with the relevant influencers to ensure everything is set for the holiday period. 


Have you heard of any escape game series that has virtually been rendered free for players? That’s done for the sake of loyal and persistent clients. Just like that, you can announce gift campaigns to your current & target customers. You can also invite them to upload a photo of their household using your service or request that they upload a post with their friends on a social network related to the Christmas season. Or perhaps you direct them to a link where they can join up for an email or another service. Collaborating with other companies is an excellent method to improve your event and grow your audience. 


By showcasing a slight bit of your character, you can stand out from other businesses who meticulously conceal their employees’ likes and dislikes behind their business “line.” Genuine people are more accessible for your Instagram followers to relate to than faceless corporations. Post details about your holiday plans with your friends, possibly mentioning one or more products you’ll be using, or share your favorite holiday traditions. Your content will become more varied with the help of these pieces by going beyond only talking about sales, items, and deals. Your readers won’t get the impression that you’re constantly attempting to upsell them. 


It is the simply brilliant business to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to tolerance and diversity… You can show concern for the problems your targeted clients care about over the holiday period. You may write in your article that you delivered gifts to underprivileged kids or gave money to a nearby charity. You could upload a photo of your labor force’s “rainbow alliance.” One word of caution: ensure your passion for sharing or writing about topics is genuine and not just a sales gimmick. Readers will be able to tell if your intentions are sincere or not. 


Social media interactions foster greater reader engagement and ensure that readers who leave comments or “like” your posts see them first. Most social media networks feature algorithms that prioritize showing users the people and businesses they connect with most frequently. 

You might post questions like “What are you more thrilled about this holiday shopping season?” or “What is your favorite holiday culture?” to your audience. One warning, though, make sure to monitor reviews (both positive and negative). Even for a day, posing a question and not paying attention to the responses can leave a wrong impression rather than a good one. 


Come up with suggestions about how to make your audience’s lifestyle simpler. To conserve time during the hectic season, provide options for quicker delivery or optional service incentives. Hand out free heater filter replacements with sits if you run an HVAC business. Is your business capable of delivering services? Try sending reusable items and cutlery to aid in cleanup. Minor adjustments can have a significant impact. 


Do all you can! Enjoy yourself while you are doing so. Social communication is intended for contact and participation. Share pertinent brand messaging that motivates your customers to engage with you in conversation and to spread your material. In addition to making your viewers feel good, upbeat, joyful holiday content also makes them believe good towards your brand.