My daughter wants to take the pill


60 years of birth control pills – why they are still the safest contraceptive

She recently play with her dolls, boys were stupid – and suddenly these guys are interesting and become steadfast friends and lovers. Many mothers wonder where the time has actually gone. When did your daughters start to become self-determine women and discover their lust? Now at the latest, mothers should start thinking about how they can support their daughter in choosing the right contraceptive method so i decide to take Abortion Pills Available In Dubai it .

The pill is a safe contraceptive option

According to a recent study, around 90 percent of the adolescents survey use contraceptive pills [1] . It is and will remain the undispute number 1 when it comes to contraception. But the voices against hormonal contraception are getting louder and louder. What is the truth of the critical comments and is the pill still a suitable contraceptive for girls and young women?

The pill Abortion Pills Available In Dubai is still one of the safest ways to prevent un want (teenage) pregnancy. Especially at a young age, when one is still inexperience with one’s own body, trying out one’s sexuality and wanting to experience new experiences as safely as possible.

In addition to very safe contraception, the pill can also offer health benefits for young girls and women. It can even help some improve the quality of life: The pill Abortion Pills Available In Dubai reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and associat pain, which makes it impossible for some girls to go to school or enjoy their hobby during their period. There are also preparations that counteract severe acne and can improve the appearance of the skin.

Pill myths and their truthfulness:

There are currently many half-truths and falsehoods circulating about the pill. We explain how these are to be classify. Is it true that the pill

increases the risk of thrombosis

It is true that the risk of thrombosis may be increase while taking the pill. The risk differs from woman to woman and must be clarify by a doctor in advance with a thorough family history. But it is not just taking the pill that influences the risk of thrombosis – other factors also play a role here. Such as smoking, obesity or lack of exercise. In addition, not all pills are the same – in addition to different types of pills, there are also different compositions of active ingredients. If a young woman is given the pill for the first time. A pill with a lower risk of thrombosis is usually prescribe.

Is it high dose?

As mention earlier, there are many different pills with different levels of hormones. Modern pills usually contain very low doses of hormones – hence the name “Get abortion pills in Dubai“. Young women who have no other symptoms. Such as acne, are usually given a low-dose pill to keep the side effects as low as possible.

Is it difficult to tolerate?

How the pill is tolerate really differs from woman to woman. If your daughter experiences un want side effects or does not tolerate the pill well, a consultation with the gynecologist is necessary. Together you can surely find the right preparation.

makes it sterile?

Usually, taking the pill has no direct effect on fertility. [2] For many women who cannot become pregnant later in life, very different factors such as age, mental and physical health, medication and the fertility of the partner play a role.

makes you depress?

Mood swings and depression can occur with the use of hormones such as those contain in the pill. In the case of mood swings and depress mood – even if these occur shortly after the start of use – this should be clarify by a doctor. However, those who do not have any prior health problems have a low risk of being seriously affect by the pill. In girls and women who z. B. suffer from premenstrual complaints (physical and emotional complaints during the menstrual cycle). The effects of the pill Get abortion pills in Dubai can provide a significant improvement.  

suppresses the libido?

Important: hormonal contraceptives do not protect against sexually transmit diseases. The condom is and remains the means of choice here .

Here, too, no clear scientific connections can be establish. Often it is other factors, such as stress, grief or illness. That can have a strong influence on the feeling of pleasure.

My daughter wants to take the pill!
Abortion Pills Available In Dubai

Are Natural Birth Controls Suitable For Teens  

Non-hormonal methods are not recommend for girls and young women when it comes to the safety of the method of contraception. These methods require reliable methodological knowledge, which must first be learn. Young women should be aware that in the event of an application error, such as incorrectly interpret fertile days, pregnancy is not unlikely. This method is therefore more suitable for women for whom an un plan pregnancy would be acceptable.

Can I go to the gynecologist?

In principle, there is nothing to prevent you from accompanying your daughter to the practice. However, many girls would like to speak to the doctor alone – and you should allow this freedom. Does your daughter want to take this step without you? Again, you should accept that she will grow into an independent woman who makes her own decisions.

By the way: From the age of 14, your daughter does not need parental consent to take the pill that is Get abortion pills in Dubai, but can discuss this decision with the gynecologist.