Why My Yahoo Email Stopped Working?

yahoo email stopped

Yahoo is a free email service where you can receive and send emails to people by using this email service you can even customize your inbox and manage your contact list. Yahoo was first launched in 1997 and from that point, it is only going towards spreading its popularity all over the business world. Yahoo email service is commonly used for business purposes but for personal use, people also use its services. In the advanced world where these online services have made life easy to communicate with people, on the other hand, we should not forget that these services can also face some issues at some point but most importantly we should not get annoyed by it rather than we should find the reason and solutions to fix it. If you are also facing any login issues with Yahoo services but are unable to find solutions to fix them then read this article because we have found out the ways to solve your problem. Let’s see why my yahoo email not working.If the users are using a web browser which is not supported by the Yahoo mail then they will face issues like Yahoo servers unavailable.

Reasons and Solutions

Internet connectivity

Having a slow or unsteady internet connection will definitely lead to an issue while using any online services. Verify to have a stable internet connection with your device.

Cache and Cookies

Kashi and cookies are some unnecessary data that get stored in your device and when they get full, it creates a problem and interrupts service to work smoothly. Going into your settings clean the cache and cookies from your system. 

Update Yahoo App

If you are using the Yahoo app for email services then make sure you are using an updated version of it. Using an old version does not go along with the system because the old version has some bugs in it that are fixed in the new version. 


If you are using Yahoo from the browser then make sure you are using an updated browser on your device. Otherwise, yahoo mail won’t load.

Change Browser

Even after using the updated version of your browser still you see yahoo mail stopped working and facing an issue then try to use any other browser’s services. 


Whichever device you are using whether it’s a computer or your mobile phone give a restart. The point to be noted here is that you need to restart not reset your device. Restarting your device will fix bugs instantly and give a fresh connection and start to your device system. 

Winding up

Your answer to the question of why my yahoo email is not working is given in this article. The solutions are already mentioned above. Try the above solution one by one and if you are still facing any issues then it is advised to you to call the Yahoo customer care center and tell your problem to them and they will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible and let you know. I hope you like the information mentioned in this article useful. To read more articles like this stay tuned on our page.