Why Can’t I Access Mywifiext Local?

A developer at work.

You can’t mywifiext local maybe because of the wrong usage of the device.

“And, what is that supposed to mean? I am using the correct device. I have bought it yesterday only. Its software is up-to-ate and it has 16GB RAM.”

It is not about that!

“Then what is it?”

We mean the web address mywifiext local is only accessible on Apple device, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and so on.

“Oh! I bought Windows Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. So, it means that I will not be able to access mywifiext local and configure my Netgear WiFi range extender?”

No, not at all! Who said you this? If you have a Windows laptop than you can use mywifiext.net web address to log in to your Netgear range extender and configure it.

“Can I do that”?

Of course you can!

“So, will you provide me the instructions?”

Yes, sure! What is the need to ask!


Instructions to Netgear Extender Setup


Is your Netgear extender new?


“Yes, I purchased it two days before!”

Oh! Two days have passed and you haven’t configured it yet. What were you waiting for?

“I told you! Mywifiext local was not working!”

Ok, got that!

Have you connected your Netgear extender with your existing router?

“No, do I have to?”

Yes, connect them firmly using an Ethernet cable!

“Can’t I use the wireless source?”

Yes, you can, but chances of signal drop can be high.

“And why so?”

Because of WiFi signal interferences!

“If I have to prevent this from happening, what am I supposed to do?”

Forget all the WiFi networks that are active within range of your extender’s WiFi.


Have you connected them?

“Yes, through Ethernet source because wireless source was not successful”.

Turn on your laptop

“It’s already on!”

Then, open a web browser and update it (if needed).


To improve browsing speed!

“Ok! What’s next?”


Enter mywifiext.net in the address bar. Remember the web address is mywifiext.net, not mywifiext.

“Mywifiext.net is not working!”


Clear cache and browsing history from the browser you are using.

“Done, but still no luck!”

Are you entering mywifiext.net in the search bar?



Are there any typing errors in the web address?

“Wait! Let me check!”

“No! It is still not working!”

Do one thing! Copy mywifiext.net from here! Once you are done, paste it in the URL bar, and then press the Enter key.


What can you see now?

“The new extender setup window!”

Fab! You are almost there! See the extender’s manual! You can get your extender’s default login username and password over there. Enter them into the required fields of the new extender setup page and click on Log In.

Upon hitting the Log In button, you will be taken to Netgear Genie setup wizard where you have to follow the instructions provided on-screen and complete the extender setup process like a professional.


Note: The Netgear extender setup instructions depend upon model to model.


“Ok! What to do after completing the Netgear extender setup process?”

If you need, you can unplug your Netgear extender and place it anywhere in your house.

“No need! It is placed in my drawing room!”

Well, congrats then! You are now the owner of extended internet range! Enjoy it everywhere!

“Just the last question!”


Lay it on me!

“Is there any alternative to mywifiext.net?”

Yes, IP can also be used in place of mywifiext.net for logging in to Netgear WiFi range extender.

“Ok, thanks!”

So, what is your feedback for the information we provided?

“Very helpful! I will definitely share this information with everyone whosoever needs assistance regarding the same.”


Wish you good luck!