What Does Contemporary Fiction Deals With?


Fiction has always fascinated readers by enabling them to ride in an imaginary and mysterious world. It can be offered in a variety of genres like sci-fi, romantic, thrillers, or mystery. At times, they become so intriguing that the reader starts believing that they are part of it. Most of us very well understand what fiction really is. But what about contemporary fiction books? It is similar to fiction in all senses. But still, it can be distinguished by the feature that its stories can be created from actual experiences in real-time. It allows the reader to empathize with the character and face everyday situations. This thin margin between fiction and contemporary fiction is quite challenging to maintain, but skilled authors know how to do it. Let us also try to understand how to differentiate between both.

Real-time plot

Fiction mainly involves fantasy and imaginative elements. Conversely, contemporary fiction novels are set on a modern timeline with realistic day-to-day situations. It allows the reader to view the world through the eyes of the imaginary or actual character. These stories may be influenced by prevailing tensions in society or may serve the purpose of light-hearted entertainment.

More truthful

Fiction attracts readers who need a break from reality. On the other hand, contemporary fiction helps in developing a better understanding of the world’s norms. It allows readers to relate to the stories and seek a befitting solution to handle the more or less similar scenarios in their life. This genre interests readers who want to dwell in reality and discover others’ perspectives in a similar plot.

High relevance

Fiction, to some extent, may deal with a realistic backdrop but not the way as contemporary fiction does. It deals with modern-day concerns like disabilities, dilemmas, relationships, political culture, and many more. Such issues allow the readers to understand the general problems more clearly than fiction through its imaginative plot.

No wonder books of all genres have their targeted audience. Some are engrossed in the magical world, while others want to face reality. Some like to read the joyous content, and others wish to relate to the melancholy of life. Just like readers have their own choices; similarly, authors are blessed with unique writing styles.

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