What Are The Effects Of Temperature In Laboratory And Equipment?


Do you know that the laboratory temperature can affect the instruments? You can ensure that instruments perform well by controlling the lab environment. Measurement and calibration equipment, and computer systems, among others, are heat sources when functioning constantly. They thus increase the lab temperature and affect equipment. For example, pipette tips for Biomek are affected in a warm environment if existing for a longer time. 

Guaranteeing an environmental temperature at optimal levels ensures optimal operating conditions and minimum risk of system failure.

If you want more details about this topic, continue with this blog. We discuss here the association between ambient temperature and equipment temperature stability. We also discuss the importance of controlling the temperature of laboratories and equipment.

Relationship Between The Lab And Equipment Temperature Stability

The ambient temperature affects the lab’s and instruments’ performance in facilities housing medical and scientific equipment. The proper temperature depends on the equipment requirements and the type of area for different settings. For example, calibration laboratories usually require temperatures of 20 °C, +/- 1 °C.

The range is 21-23°C for lab settings with less precise temperature requirements, and power sources can cause fluctuations in the 19-25°C range. For example, cooling and heating systems affect airflow and encourage hot and cold spots to develop. These variations affect the performance of the laboratory instruments.

The equipment’s performance and the lab temperature have a direct relationship. If the lab temperature decreases or increases, there will be a specific reaction on the part of said equipment. Such variations happen quickly; therefore, immediately controlling the temperature variation is crucial.

The lab temperature has a crucial impact on obtaining precise results. So, ISO standards focus on ensuring optimal conditions for laboratories. ISO offers recommendations so that the results are always accurate within the laboratories and that there are no risks of cross-contamination. 

Furthermore, many companies, institutions, and other settings with laboratories impose strict rules to guarantee optimal quality controls. They implement hardware solutions to avoid human risks when measuring and regulating temperature.

If the environment is not thermally regulated, it can affect the lab tools, but microorganisms can also appear that would ruin biomedical experiments. Whether blood, chemical, or other liquid samples, they must be protected against environmental contamination generated by temperature variations. Experimenters can avoid this by having quality temperature monitoring data to comply with regulations.

How To Control The Temperature Of Laboratories And Equipment

With so many lab requirements and regulations, having a monitoring system is necessary. The system needs to be operated constantly to ensure that the temperature does not go outside the required range. Remember that the monitoring system must be customized according to the activity involved. Alarm systems are best to get any variation in humidity and temperature notified.

This way, you can:

  • Mitigate the risks of incorrect results of samples and help you avoid the impact of temperature fluctuations.
  • Mitigate waste by ensuring freezing or refrigeration systems operate at ideal temperatures that protect your samples.
  • Detect failures in the laboratory equipment to ensure early corrections.
  • Centralize and consolidate reports to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations.

Final Words

Protecting the integrity of the equipment and the environment with temperature control will help you avoid considerable expenses. The best way to ensure environmental stability is to monitor the temperature with a digital system backed up with alarms. We hope that this publication will help you improve your processes. 

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