Understanding the Website Development Life Cycle: From Planning to Launch

Website development
Website development
Website development is a process that took several months to complete. And there is a whole process from Planning to launching the website. There is a 6-step process in website development. 1) Planning 2) Documentation 3) Designing 4) Development 5) Testing and 6) Launch.

Types of Websites

  1. Blog website
  2. Portfolio website
  3. E-commerce website
  4. Business website
  5. Event website
  6. Personal website
  7. Non-profit website
All types of websites have different features and that is why all of the websites are developed in a different time scale. Because the functionality and the features of the websites are different. The features might be different on different websites, but the process is the same for every website development.

Process of Website Development


Make sure to plan the whole website before jumping into the process of website development. But you might ask How to plan the website. The planning could just be an Idea And it could be just a basic overview of the website and the functionalities of the website. The planning phase could be used for writing or explaining the idea of your website. Or it can also be in written form. Like you have written the basic concept of the website and then create the documentation from that planning.


After the planning process, it is time to write a brief overview of the website and cover all the aspects of your website. You should write all the important points of the website like all the features the pages, The content, and all the things that will be on the website because the website development is based on the documentation of the website. And the designers and developers create the website according to the documentation of the website. The clearer the documentation will be the better the website will look and work. So, it is a very crucial part of website development. You should write in-depth details of the website to get the best possible details, try to add every possible detail, and also don’t miss the working and the process of small features of the website.

Designing the Website

Now, once you are done with the documentation of the website. It is time to start implementing the documentation. And the first step in implementing the website is designing is one of the most important steps in website development. Because the performance of the website is based on the design of the website. Designing contains many important factors which directly affect the presence and performance of the website you can choose custom web app design & development, or you can also use platforms like WordPress which needs less knowledge of development and design. And you can choose or edit different templates there. The designer has to choose the right color, Layout, Theme, and visibility of the features. And the design should be according to the nature of the website. But the basics of designing are to keep it simple and appealing. Making sure that the website looks easy to access and use by choosing the right color combination for the website is very important because it shows professionalism, and hugely impacts the user. Bad design is one of the major reasons for the less audience on the website and that is why you need to focus while creating the design. Make sure that your design is according to the requirement of the user because, in the end, it is the only thing that matters. And if you choose the wrong features on the wrong page in the website development process then you will lose a massive audience.

Development of the website

Development is the 4th step in the website development process. And now it is time to give life to website design. Development is the process in which the developers create the features and add the functionality to the website. It includes all the functionality of the pages and the database connection to make it live and complete the website development process. And after developing the whole features and functionalities of the website. Now after when you are done with adding the functionalities You can say that the process of website development is complete. There are many ways you can develop a site. Like some of you are maybe newbies and wanted to know the process and you don’t have enough knowledge of programming languages. So, you can choose WordPress and develop the website easily and the other option is obviously learning and implementing the programming language. You can hire any top WordPress development company to get ideas or advice for development.


Now, after the website development, it is time to test the whole website. And check that the website is bug and error-free. In testing the whole features and the functionalities check that are they performing according to the requirement. And that the website is working perfectly fine and doesn’t have errors if the website contains errors or bugs then the developers have to fix those issues before launching the website. Make sure that the website is clean from any type of errors and bugs. And make sure you check every small feature on the website from responsive design to the loading time. You should take care of all the things because it has a negative impact on the user. And the user finds it difficult to interact with and no website wants that right So, it is your responsibility to launch the app without bugs and errors.

Launching and managing

The website development process is done, and Your website is ready to arrive in the market. Launch the website and after that manage the website with time. Like updating the content or creating more pages on the website or handling errors or bugs like too much loading time or 404 pages.


Website development is a process that requires several weeks or maybe some months to complete. There are 6 steps in creating a website that applies to all types of websites. The first step of the process is planning, then Documentation, Designing, Development, Testing and then launching the website.