Web3 & The Future Of The Music Industry.


From the users point of view the internet which allows them to read only option in the internet is web1 where they can share their content to internet. The updation of it makes them to share i.e making them to write while they read a content with the social media involvement is web2. But web2 is available only on the  centralized servers, which lacks secured transactions for the users. This includes a third party to govern the process undergoing.

So as for the need in neglecting the third parties during the transactions, Web3 is introduced to resolve the problems occurring in security patches. As Web3 is hosted on blockchain networks which brings the users a decentralized way for their transactions.

Putting users’ privacy at risk is totally dropped in web3. This makes  Web3 to use in various industries.Some of the important industries where web3 are performing a satisfying results for the users.


Web3 in Banking

Web3 in banking allows for P2P i.e  peer-to-peer transactions and removes the need for a third party, such as a bank, to facilitate the transaction. Transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger and that can be verified by each party involved in the transaction, making it more secure and reliable than traditional banking methods.

Web3 in Finance

A combo of banks, stock exchanges, and insurance companies that allows money to be exchanged comes under finance. That is manipulated without any limits under So involving a third party is not suggested at any part, instead involving a decentralized one on that place is much suggestible. Web3 in financial service is the one that makes a new way of organized and secured form in the finance industry.

Web3 Crypto Wallet

A wallet which can store any types of digital currencies,  assets  including NFTs in it is the Web3 Cryptocurrency Wallet. The user’s wallet address holds the approval for all the transactions and takes the security and privacy of the transactions to the next level.Crypto’s and NFTs are the most eye-catching business all over the world. 

Web3 Social Media

Using blockchain technology to the social media transforms it to a web3 social media, which includes NFTs and crypto into it this takes the user experience to the next level of enhancement. Providing more power and privacy to the user by allowing anyone to participate without monetising their personal data is possible with this decentralized web3 social media.

Web3 in Healthcare

As the Web3 plays a crucial role in the metaverse, in healthcare it provides several advantages like, the special ability to secure data by tracking down counterfeit medications solution with metaverse procedures. As the data of a user cannot be edited or tampered,  the data will be at its secured form at all its places where it is being represented for references. Provide web3 in health care benefits via your own web3 health care service in your customized form.

As the involvement of web3 in the top industries are described above there are lots of industries that are getting their manipulating methods easier by web3 solutions. Reach on to Maticz technologies and get connected with web3 to any of your business in a customized form.