Soundest Twitter Widget Tools That Worth A Try In 2022

twitter widget

Twitter is amongst the most influential social media platforms. It consists of a large user base, making it one of the marketers’ favorites to promote their products and brands. 

It is now a regular feature in various marketing plans for brands and hence businesses are actively opting to embed Twitter widget on the website. The strategy has been quite successful as businesses can reach their business goals and establish their online presence.

What Is Twitter Widget?

If you haven’t heard about the Twitter widget, then here is a brief about it. Twitter Widget is a functional block on the website that enables you to showcase Twitter feeds. As the widget streams the content from the source, it does not affect the website’s speed.

Various tools provide you with the Twitter widget, which allows you to showcase tweets from your desired source. For example, you can choose a hashtag feed. With hashtag feed, you compile all the feeds related to a hashtag and showcase them on your website with ease.

These measures help in adding grace and beauty to your website. As in this age of digitalization, it is important to have an appealing website that attracts visitors and creates an everlasting impression on them.

Various Twitter widget tools in the market help you in this cause. But to save your time and efforts in looking for appropriate tools, we have listed the 3 best tools. Furthermore, we have examined them based on their usage, features, and prices.

So without any further ado, let us learn about them.

Best In The Business: Twitter Widget Tools

People often complain that they find the embedding process quite complex, and hence to solve this purpose, we have filtered some of the easy-to-use tools. As a result, you find these tools with comfort and operate them like a pro. So even if you don’t have any technical expertise or do not have coding skills or knowledge, you can still run these tools easily.

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed is a well-known social media aggregator. The tool is known for its easy usage and pocket-friendly pricing plans. It helps the users to collect social media feeds from the desired platform. After the user curates and customizes the collected feed, the tool enables users to embed feed on the website. It offers a dedicated Twitter widget that helps in showcasing tweets, you can choose to collect tweets from various sources, like hashtags, mentions, and more. The tool then easily embed Twitter Feed to your website. 

All you have to do is collect the feed using Tagembed, generate the embedding code and paste it on the website’s backend. And that is it, by following these simple steps, you easily display tweets to your visitors.

Alongside easing the embedding process, the tool also provides various features that add great value to this tool. Like it allows personalizing the widget as per the need by changing the font size, font style, and more. Moreover, it also offers various themes and layouts as options, you can select the one the best suits the style of your website.

With moderation, you can remove unwanted and irrelevant content from the feed and maintain the quality of your website. Profanity filter, custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the tool’s effective features that make it an ideal embedding tool.

2. Embed Twitter Widget

twitter widget

As the name suggests, the tool is specially designed to help users in embedding the Twitter widget on the website. It eases the embedding process as it allows users to collect tweets, generate embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

You can even make desired modifications to the widget by changing its width, height, background, and more. By customizing the widget as per your need, you showcase your artistic side, increase the charm of your widget, and make your website pleasing to the visitors’ eyes.

3. Flockler


This is another amazing social media aggregator that helps to curate, customize and display the social feed on the website. Like the tools mentioned above, it provides a dedicated Twitter handle that helps display the Twitter feed on the website.

It is a flexible tool that allows users to make desired modifications to the widget and make it pleasing to the eyes. In addition, it comes with other features such as custom CSS, auto-moderation, CTA buttons, and more.

Summing It Up

No one can deny the fact that Twitter is an amazing platform. With its various features, businesses can easily reach out to various consumers and boost their reach. Furthermore, by choosing to embed Twitter widget on the website, you can easily extract more benefits from the platforms, so try these tools now and select the one that suits you best.