Top Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Custom Home Builders


It is easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a luxury home builder. With so many custom home builders to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

Here are the top 5 mistakes we believe you should avoid when selecting a home builder.

Major Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not doing proper research

Research is essential when making the largest purchase of your life.

Make a short list of home builders who might meet your needs and then begin researching them. Visit their websites to get a sense of their style and to see if they have a display home that you can tour. This greatly enhances their abilities and attention to detail.

Read their online reviews and testimonials on their website to find out what their clients thought of their building experience with them.

  • Realistic build times

While it is impossible to provide a specific and accurate build time, some builders may provide wildly inaccurate build times.

This is due to the fact that a builder may be quiet at the time and promises a quick build time, but then signs up several other new home builder clients. This throws their original build time out the window, leaving you disappointed and possibly out of pocket.

A reputable custom home builder will be able to provide you with a reasonable time frame for building your home.

  • Choosing luxury home builders based on prices only

We understand that you will have a budget in mind when building a new home. Because few people have unlimited funds, the cost will always be a consideration when selecting a home builder.

That doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest builder unless they’re the best fit for you, you’ve done your homework, and you’re satisfied with your decision.

  • Not reading the fine prints

This is a mistake that can be made with any contract, but when you’re spending as much money on a custom home, reading the fine print should never be overlooked.

If there are any issues during the construction process, the fine print will become extremely important, so understanding it clearly and knowing exactly what is and isn’t included is critical before you sign anything.

  • No recent references

Request recent client references from your shortlist of home builders.

Testimonials on their website are a good starting point, but they aren’t very helpful if you don’t know when they were written or can’t speak to the people who wrote them.

A good custom home builder should be happy to give you the names and contact information of their previous clients so you can find out for yourself how their experience was.

  • A small range of designs

A home builder with a limited number of designs may not have the experience or team to deliver the type of home you desire.

If they are a specialist builder, they may be ideal if your home style matches their experience; however, make certain that this is the case before hiring them as your home builder.

  • Limited experience

Check to see if the home builder you choose has experience with the type of home you want to build.

It’s pointless to hire a builder who specializes in two-story homes on narrow lots if you want to build a rural homestead on a 10-acre block.

Find home builders who have built the type of property you desire and are confident in their ability to deliver your dream home.

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