There is a scam called “We Buy Any House”


Selling a home is difficult and stressful. What exactly is an “We Buy Any Home” firm? A lot of companies provide an “we buy any home” service. They will make cash deals of up to 85percent of the property’s value. The companies who claim “we buy houses” are legit. The majority of the British “we buy any home” businesses are genuine. Scammers and fraudsters will always be around.

All “we buy houses” businesses that are legitimate must follow the following rules:

  • When you call us, we’ll pay cash for your home. The company handles all transactional administration.
  • You must get your legal expenses taken care of by your employer.
  • Please give one month to complete
  • The sale will end at the time stipulated

Scams concerning ‘we purchase any house’

Any home that was a victim of fraud will be bought.

Beware of these frauds:

Optional, locked in agreements

Scammers could attempt to deceive you into purchasing your house , and then locking the door with an agreement. These options include leasing and assisted sales.

Fraud in lead generation

Certain companies might not be able to buy properties. Websites and landing pages can generate leads which can be sold other companies.

Hidden fees

Fraud is not tolerated. They will demand hidden charges to purchase your home. The majority of companies legitimate ones do not charge upfront charges. They also pay for all legal costs.

Inaccurate Values

Businesses that are trying to buy any property can use the property’s value to reduce its value and increase their likelihood to buy.

Here are some guidelines to not fall for the trap of “we buy house”

The web has a variety of ways to stay away from the “we buy any home” fraud.

You should not conduct business with any firm:

  • Requires advance payment
  • Additional Fee
  • Try to bind you or offer an alternative contract
  • Get 95% to 100% Off Your Property’s Value

It is highly recommended that you

  • Do an investigation into a company
  • Companies House lets you determine if the business that is interested in buying your home is financially stable.
  • Registration number has to be visible on the site.
  • Search for professional accreditations
  • The National Association of Property Buyers is now a member of the real ‘We purchase any property as well as Property Ombudsman associations. These accreditations will be visible in their website.
  • Check out the most recent and independently-written reviews
  • You can also look online for reviews and testimonials that are verified.
  • and Google allow you to view reviews written by users. Verify that reviews are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Do not trust businesses that have bad reviews.
  • Multiple reviews within an extremely short time may indicate fake material.
  • Did you have the opportunity to score a bargain?
  • Avoid scams such as “We Buy Any House”
  • You should not believe any information you receive.

Don’t work with businesses that claim to buy your home for the highest price or to close the deal fast.