The Ultimate LVT Flooring Guide


Luxury vinyl tile is the most popular choice for floor covering because it replicates the look of hardwood floors. The visual of these floors is the same as solid wood, so people choose to buy this flooring treatment to save their bucks. This flooring may be used in both commercial and residential settings because of its modern finishes and opulent textures.


With the practicality of vinyl flooring, this flooring has made a mark as the best flooring because of the distinct features it holds. This flooring comes in planks and tiles with deep textures and layouts. It is renowned as the substitute for high-end flooring because of its robustness and multiple layers. In this piece of writing, you’ll get to know about the composition and installation process of LVT floors in this guide.

What Is LVT Flooring?

LVT flooring is kind of similar to laminate flooring, but it is a replica of hardwood floors. This flooring is made with a combination of different compounds to make the floor sturdier. The multiple layers of luxury vinyl flooring offer diverse functionality. You can purchase this flooring with different designs printed over it.


The planks or tiles of vinyl flooring come in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a flooring option that can set the decor of your interiors yet provide practicality, LVT flooring is unquestionably the best. Four layers make up the luxury vinyl flooring to provide resistance against water, moisture, and wear and tear.


It tends to last a long time because it is heavy-duty and is best suited to being installed in heavy-traffic areas. To install these floors, you have to prepare a subfloor and level the floors using the sanding process. 


It is easy to lay down this flooring, but if you want to get luxury vinyl tile floor installation services in Dubai, it would be best for a hassle-free installation.

Exceptional Pros Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Having luxury vinyl flooring will give you numerous benefits. Apart from being a replica of solid wood floors, this flooring also mimics the look of marble and laminate flooring. You can choose this flooring after you get to explore the major benefits.

  • Authentic Designs

The countless design options and textures make this flooring versatile. This flooring offers realistic visuals and resembles stone and ceramic tiles. Darker and lighter shades are available in the stores for this flooring.

  • Easy to Look After

Compared to other flooring treatments, these floors are seamless to look after. The almost non-existent maintenance of these floors attracts customers to choose this flooring. Regular sweeping and mopping of the floors are enough to have a shiny surface.

  • Durability

If you look at other floorings like wood, they get worn out with water. But this is the hard-wearing floor covering, which is more durable than other flooring and is stain or scratch-resistant. With just a little care and maintenance, it can last for almost 20 years. LVT floors can endure heavy traffic and keep up their luxurious appearance like new ones.

  • Resistant To Dampness And Moisture

Like wooden flooring, which is prone to moisture and dampness, luxury vinyl flooring provides resistance against moisture and keeps your floors protected from mold.

Application Of LVT Floors

Because of its ultra durability, LVT flooring can be installed in homes, workplaces, restaurants, and shopping malls. The strong backing and underlay of these floors provide extra protection to the floors.


You’ll even see this flooring installed in hospitals and educational institutions. Hence, you can install vinyl flooring in local and commercial premises with intense traffic use.

Installation Of LVT Floors

The ways of installation for these floors are different from one another because LVTflooring has different types as the planks or tiles can be installed with the click mechanism or using the dry back or stick-down floor method. Usually, people go for the stick-down floor method, which is installed using adhesives.

Final Note!

Because of the rich appearance and embossed surface texture of these floors, they are now being installed in various professional and residential areas. Luxury vinyl flooring can be installed using different techniques, like clicking together and using adhesives.


The fiberglass base layer, middle wear layer, outer protective layer, and design coating layer are joined together to make vinyl flooring. The finest design, texture, durability, and capability of resistance against moisture make them the ideal floor covering solution.