The brown screen of death: A Beginners Guide- How to fix them?


Nearly every PC user has heard of the Blue Screen of Death or “brown screen of death.” However, you should be aware that these colorsPurple, Pink, Yellow, Red, and Greenon our computer screens can also cause death. It is impossible to pinpoint a single cause for the errors when trying to prevent them. The brown screen of death error typically results from hardware devices or unwanted drivers of third-party software.

brown screen of death

This issue has to do with graphics hardware and software. A malfunction may occur if your machine is using a damaged graphics driver. A bad graphics card or while you are playing a game might also cause it to be seen.  To boost gaming performance, overclocking your CPU and GPU can result in errors. A few people reported running into the error while using modern graphics cards to play games.


The Brown Screen of Death (BrownSOD) is what, exactly?


BrownSOD is a fatal error message with bug check codes that appears on the display. When a computer breaks due to a problem with the graphics hardware or software, the error message occurs. This mistake falls under the “gaming” category, which indicates that your graphics need to be fixed. The processors can establish clock rates and have operational boundaries.


However, if you enjoy playing video games, you should be aware of the system requirements before starting any “heavy” games. However, most gamers aren’t aware of this. On outdated PCs, you can play new games if you’d want. However, in this instance, your PC’s GPU and CPU are both at maximum capacity, which is not ideal. Consequently, your machine could malfunction as Windows would stop protecting data from loss.


The Major Reason of the Brown Screen of Death: 


We are aware that the GPU is the primary reason for the operating system to malfunction as a brown screen of death. The following are some causes of the error that may occur:


  • Damaged or out-of-date graphics drivers
  • Thermal Overheating
  • Inappropriate Voltage Defective or Missing Graphics Card Driver GPU and CPU Overclocking Dispute Security Software Dispute


The Fixing Procedure: Do what is necessary with a graphics driver


You must adhere to the instructions in order to do this.


  • You must navigate to the Search option first. Then, you ought to type “device manager” into the search field. When the results appear, you must select the first choice to start the Device Manager.
  • After that, you need to hit the Display Adapters twice. You may then access the device drop-down menu.
  • The suspected graphics driver should then be selected. Next, you ought to select Properties.
  • It’s now your responsibility to tap the Driver tab.
  • Tap on Roll Back Driver if you want to revert the graphics driver to an earlier version. The next step is to select OK.


The Update Driver option must be selected if you wish to update the driver. Following that, select OK by tapping. Then, in order to complete the process properly, your responsibility is to carefully read the directions that are displayed.