The Benefits of Synergy: Why Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Work Better Together?


When you think of acupuncture, you don’t associate it with physical therapy, and vice versa. The two are different methods for reducing pain and increasing relaxation. 

But nowadays, to achieve the best results, the two modalities, acupuncture and physical therapy, are often combined. Many licenced physiotherapists use acupuncture as part of their treatment programs because it’s a natural method of pain management. However, they are two specialties and are frequently thought to employ different approaches.

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In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of combining physical therapy and acupuncture and how they function together. 

How acupuncture and physical therapy work together?

Have you ever wondered how incorporating a conventional method like acupuncture into physical therapy helps? How does using needles to pierce the skin enhance physiotherapy? 

The acupuncture technique is personalized to the patient’s unique demands before being paired with physical therapy. For instance, the holistic healing method will address your unique needs if you need physiotherapy for neck stiffness and back discomfort. 

A thorough patient examination will be carried out to assess the condition and choose the best course of action for each patient. Acupuncture will also be administered for several sessions, just like physiotherapy. During the holistic treatment procedure, you will be in a tranquil setting.

Your body will initiate a natural healing response and release endorphins shortly after needles are put at the precise trigger sites, assisting in your relaxation. Also, this will lessen pain. Your body will be better prepared for the moderate activities included in physical therapy if you receive acupuncture treatment. 

Your body will be more adaptable, at ease, and comfortable, and it will respond to physiotherapy more quickly. This will help relieve discomfort and suffering even more. Acupuncture and physical therapy can be combined to treat a variety of ailments, including:

  • Sciatica
  • Cold shoulder
  • aches in the upper and lower back
  • a sore neck

Together, the two exercises help to enhance athletic performance by increasing mobility and flexibility. They reduce pain and stiffness while improving your range of motion.

What are the advantages of acupuncture and physical therapy integration?

  • Improved circulation

The blood flow is improved when tiny needles are implanted at pressure spots on the body. Nitric oxide is produced in more significant quantities by acupuncture, which relaxes blood vessels and improves the efficiency of their transportation of nutrients and oxygen. 

The consequence is an improvement in blood circulation all around. The organs and tissues are supplied with nutrients more efficiently and can operate optimally. 

  • Pain relief

The body’s “happy hormones,” endorphins, are released by acupuncture needles. The body is stimulated to release endorphins when the needles are implanted at specific pressure spots. This reduces discomfort and aids in body relaxation. 

This is another reason acupuncture along with physical therapy is considered a safe and effective alternative to opioids. The body’s natural response lessens joint, muscle, or tissue inflammation and increases the range of motion.

  • Injury prevention & treatment

Acupuncture is used to alleviate painful ailments. It promotes blood flow and natural pain relief, promoting the body’s natural healing processes. Also, it aids in lessening body weariness, enabling a faster recovery.

The muscles’ knots release reduces pain and makes the symptoms more tolerable. A less well-known benefit of acupuncture and physical therapy is that they help prevent injury. 

Your body is more likely to work at its best if you choose regular acupuncture & PT sessions. The joints, muscles, and tissues all develop better movement patterns, reducing the risk of common ailments as a result. This is the reason combined acupuncture is so strongly suggested for athletes. 


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