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That Dolly Parton went to save the world LIKE THIS is just the script twist

That a music star like Dolly Parton is still active at 74 years old is something that we should always applaud. Almost as much as we should venerate the artistic legacy that she has given us in all these decades of career in which she has proven to be much more than a country singer fond of wigs.

Even so, there are still many who do not see this artist as someone worthy of praise. An opinion that we hope will change forever after today it has been known that it is thanks to this queen that in a few months we will be able to consider the current health crisis in which we find ourselves as overcome.

And not because his music works miracles, but also; but because last April Parton decided to donate a million dollars to investigate possible vaccines against Covid-19 . A money very well used since thanks to the studies that were done with it, it has been possible to create the **Modern vaccine**, announced this week and that promises 95% protection against the virus.

But how did the author of songs like 9 to 5 or Jolene become a patron of a scientific discovery? Very easy. Apparently, in 2014 Parton suffered a small traffic accident for which she had to be treated at a medical center in her native Tennessee attached to Vanderbilt University.

A place where she ended up becoming good friends with a doctor specialized in Infection, Immunology and Inflammation who confessed to her months ago that he and his team were making very interesting advances in research to find a vaccine against coronavirus. A few words that convinced the artist to donate that million euros so that the necessary studies and tests could proceed as quickly as possible.


As a sign of appreciation, the university decided to name their donation the Dolly Parton Covid-19 Research Fund . A name that someone discovered a few days ago on the list of patrons of the research that has given rise to the hopeful Moderna vaccine. Something that of course quickly went viral and that today the singer herself has confirmed by downplaying.

“I’m so happy that whatever he’s done can help other people,” Parton said in an interview with NBC’s Today show. “When I donated the money to fight Covid I just wanted to do good. And evidently, that’s how it has been!”, he affirmed. Of course, that Dolly Parton was going to save us from the pandemic is just the unforeseen plot twist that she needed this fateful 2020.

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