Spring Shawls You Can Crochet


Shawls and wraps are perfect spring accessories. You can knit or crochet them with the right knitting needles or crochet hooks. Crocheting a shawl is right for the spring season. With your regular crochet hooks and yarn, you can create a wonderful project. Whether you have a single-ended crochet hook or interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks, you can go ahead with the shawl project. For yarn, you can use your stash or get a single skein of yarn in your favorite color or fiber. Crochet shawls are perfect for the spring weather to keep you warm when there is a slight chill in the air.

Before you get started with your project, first gather your supplies.

Pattern – You can also go ahead with any crochet shawl pattern or experiment with your own design. A pattern will guide you through the steps on making the shawl along with the crochet hook sizes, yarn, and gauge. You can easily plan your own with any crochet hook size, yarn, and gauge swatch. Also do note the measurements of the shawl pattern you would like to crochet.

Yarn – If you have been a yarn crafter for years, you’ll have enough scrap yarns to construct a shawl. Make sure to use a similar weight and fiber. If you want to go ahead with a new skein from your favorite LYS in a shade or fiber you prefer.

Crochet Hooks – For crocheting a shawl, the most important thing is to choose the right crochet hook size. You can work with any single-ended crochet hook in any material as long as you are comfortable working with it. The Tunisian crochet hooks with interchangeable cords can be used for the Tunisian craft or can be used for regular crochet too if you do not attach the cord. The crochet hook sizes depend on the yarn weight or the gauge you want to achieve. If you want an open weave work with a crochet hook size smaller than the number mentioned on the yarn label.

  1. Fade Color Shawl

Spring is a season of vibrant colors and your shawl can carry a palate. If you do not want stark contrast a fade definitely works and adds to the beauty. For the shade, you can work in a rectangular design or work from the corner. C2C crochet is an interesting technique that you can give a try. Leaves or other motifs can also be added for the shawl project. If you are new to C2C, it is recommended to work with a pattern.

How to knit a rectangular fade shawl

Step 1 – Chain stitches (30 -50) as long as the width of shawl

Step 2- Double crochet or Treble crochet (as per as your requirement) in one particular shade of yarn. Chain 3 or 4 for the turning chain.

Step 3 – Continue with DC or TR with the same shade of yarn for 3-4 rows.

Step 4 – Change colors for a fade effect.

Step 5- Continue with the crochet stitches, introducing a new shade of yarn after 3-5 rows for a fade effect.

  1. Triangular Shawl

The classic triangle shawl shape can be worked with any crochet hook in rows with increases back and forth. You start working from one end and then shape the middle and then get to the other end.

How to knit a triangular shawl

Step 1 Chain 4, sl st to first chain.

Step 2 – Row 1: Chain 3, turn. Work 3 double crochet. Chain 2, work 3 DC into the circle made by the starting chain.

Row 2 – 47: Chain 3, turn, work 3 double crochet into first stitch. Double crochet in each stitch until you reach the chain 2 space. Double crochet (dc) in each stitch remaining except the last stitch. 3 dc in the last stitch.

Continue repeating Row 2 until you reach your desired shawl size. Once your shawl is big enough for you, fasten off. The number of rows you work will greatly depend on how thick your yarn is. Weave in all your ends.

  1. Shawl with Lace edges

Lace gives a soft and elegant look to any pattern or project. Crocheting lace is an art. If you do not want the entire project to be lace, you can opt for a lace edge. You can crochet a lace-like look with the same crochet hook. Choosing a different yarn shade or weight can also create a different look.

How to Knit a Shawl with Lace Edges

Step 1- Chain stitches as many as the width of the project.

Step 2 – Use any crochet stitch – Half double crochet, Double Crochet or Treble crochet stitches for the shawl.

Step 3 – Once you are finished with the shawl you can work the lace edges.

Step 4 – Insert the crochet hook into one stitch in the corner. Make a foundation of single crochet stitches all around the shawl.

Step 5 – For the lace edge, chain 5-7 stitches, slip stitch (sl st) 2 stitches and then single crochet.

Step 6 – Continue with a row or 2-5 for the length of the lace effect.

With these 3 easy crochet shawls, get ready for spring crafting! Explore premium crochet hooks made from ebony wood from the Lantern Moon collection.

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