Sneaker shops in Chicago


1354-1152 W Madison St. Chicago, IL 60607 sneaker stores chicago Leaders a Chicago sneaker shop can be considered “official” if it partners with some of the most well-known brands around the globe. This shop is a landmark in Chicago and the only one in the country. It stocks some of the most popular clothing and footwear in America, as well as the actual leaders of the college. They have been provided with the latest warm by New Balance, Adidas Originals, and NSW. For some spine-tingling entertainment, visit the LDRS1354 webpage!

St. Alfred’s Church

The address for Chicago, Illinois is 1531 N Milwaukee Ave 60622. Saint Alfred, a boutique that sells street wear, is one of the rarest. It stocks some of the rarest and most exclusive versions. This is a fantastic feature to use when searching for a particular item.


Lake St. Chicago IL 60607-1021 Lake St. This is the point where the video game starts again. Over time  sneaker stores houston is a well-known location for tennis shoes.


Chicago, IL 60647-1820 North Milwaukee Ave. This skate shop is an integral part of Chicago’s community.


Address: 1839 S. State Street, Chicago’s 60616 neighborhoods. The inspiration for Padded Room came from a storage space that was stuffed with boxes of tennis shoes and piled up in a manner that looked like a padded cage. The walls are lined with only cardboard, leather, or suede. This is where the passion for shoes shines through. If you love sneakers, this is the place for you. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere and the highest quality tennis shoes at the most affordable prices. Live in the P.R. Come and live in the sneaker district. You can also visit their website to view what they have available if you are unable to make it to the store.



The address of the store is 2541 West Cermak Road, Chicago, Illinois 60608, United States. Diana Sneakers is the best place to find the latest Nike Dunks, Jordan Brand shoes, and runners. You can find the latest street wear in Little Village on any given day. There are many stories about street wear that make it the best universe.


Success can always find the rarest and sought-after sneakers at 2214 S Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL 60616. There are many AF1s and a large consignment selection. Also, there is a color-coded collection of shirts and kicks. They are very helpful and will help you find the right pair of shoes. The store does a good job of finding the latest styles in a relaxed setting.

A street address at 1152 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607. When well-known brands approach a shoe retailer to discuss collaborations, it’s a sign that it’s official. Overtime Sneaker Shop is a trusted name among Chicago’s West Loop tennis shoe lovers. Illinois 60616– 1839 S State St. Padded Room was inspired by a closet full of shoe boxes that looked like an enclosed padded cage. The address of the Padded Room is 2541 West Cermak Road, Chicago, Illinois 60608, United States. Diana Shoes may sell Jordan Brand shoes, Nike Runners, Nike Dunks, and Nike Runners. Success, located just blocks away, is your one-stop shop to find the rarest and sought-after sneakers.