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Safety Truck Driving Tips for Mountains

Mountain driving can be scary for truck drivers, especially for first-time or inexperienced drivers. You may easily gain confidence on mountain slopes if you follow some simple safety principles and take advantage of the safety features available to you, whether it’s TATA Ultra 1918 or any other truck. It is usually advantageous to be familiar with the location in which you will be visiting.

A driver, on the other hand, may be caught off guard by an unexpected patch of ice hiding around the curve. When travelling in dangerous terrain, pay attention to these mountain driving tips, especially if you’re a beginner truck driver.

For a professional truck driver, driving in the mountains necessitates a unique set of skills. Check out these safety suggestions from a Tata Motors dealer in Ambala for keeping the rubber side down when driving a big truck up a steep incline or through the mountains.

Avoid using heavy, steady pressure

Heavy, consistent pressure can cause brakes to burn and fade, diminishing braking performance (especially with drum brakes vs. air disc brakes). You may be unable to stop due to excessive overheating. You want to avoid having to use a runaway truck ramp if at all possible.

Be ready for curves in the road

Before you begin the descent, be cautious of the curves. This should be part of your trip planning and how you choose the appropriate speed before you start.

Don’t assume you will be able to slow down part-way down the mountain.

Start at the top of the grade and maintain that pace throughout the journey, taking into account traction conditions from the start. In bad traction, you shouldn’t rely on engine brakes, and in good traction, you shouldn’t need to use snub braking much.

In bad traction conditions, use light, steady brake pressure

If traction is a concern, drive slowly, no more than 25 mph, and avoid using the engine brakes or cruise control. Instead, go all the way to the bottom of the hill with light, consistent pressure. Light pressure combined with speeds under 25 mph will help keep your brakes from overheating. Intermittent braking (also known as snub braking or stab braking) keeps the brakes cool but might result in a loss of control in slick circumstances.

Turn on your hazard lights

If you’re driving below the posted speed limit, you should turn on your hazards for your own safety and the safety of others on the road.

Use Runaway Lanes When Necessary

Use the runaway lanes only if absolutely necessary. They’re there as a last option for a purpose. They’re on the hill for your safety and the safety of others. If you can read the stickers on the trailer in your rearview mirrors, you’re probably in danger! If you need to, take the fast lane. It’s advisable to pull the vehicle off the road at that point so you don’t get hurt or cause harm to others on the road. If you’ve pulled the truck off the road and it’s ended up in a ditch, make sure you turn off all the lights and turn off the engine.

Watch the Weather Before You Start

Another important safety recommendation for mountain truck drivers is to pay attention to weather reports. This will aid with travel preparation. Because mountain weather can be unexpected, it’s a good idea to check the forecast on the day of your trip. You could always reroute yourself and take the other path just to be cautious if there is an alternate route without a steep climb. In some circumstances, depending on whether you’re dealing with thick snow or ice, this may even be faster. When climbing or descending a gradient, be prepared for weather fluctuations. The abrupt drop in altitude can result in a variety of meteorological situations.

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