How to Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool
Fix QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

While working on your Quickbooks desktop; you might have faced a lot of different errors till now. Maybe 1603, 1935, 1904, and a few more! All these issues are going to hamper your overall productivity. For all these issues, there are many QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and DIY hacks offered by Intuit. They have also offered multiple free tools that can be downloaded and used to fix many errors of Quickbooks desktop.

These repair tools are free to download and they can be used to resolve a lot of issues. It is a vital component that will help in resolving the issues that include Microsoft .NET, Framework, Microsoft MSXML, as well as C++. All of these can be fixed or rectified using the repair tool component of Quickbooks. All you need to do is follow the correct steps to download it and then use it. 

And if the DIY hacks don’t work and you aren’t able to use the tool- just connect to an expert. Because maybe you are not able to figure out the root cause.

Downloading the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool on your desktop?

There are times when you try to open your Quickbooks application or even install it- you might end up with a few component errors. But with the help of QB Component Repair Tool you can resolve multiple issues. But for resolving this issue, you will have to first download the application and also execute the program. This will also simplify the .NET framework repair process. Also, you will get a lot of help in reconstructing the Microsoft MSXML.


If it is so helpful, you must understand how to download it. So, here are the steps that can quickly get it up and running.

  • Start by closing all the applications that you are using on the computer. 
  • Next, you will have to open the official website of Intuit. 
  • Then look for the tool’s downloadable link and click “download” to get the Component Repair Tool Quickbooks. 
  • After this, you will have to save the tool in the suitable location on the desktop. 
  • Once the downloading is completed you will have to double click on the file that is downloaded to launch the program.
  • Once you launch the tool, it will start its process by detecting all the errors that your system bears. 
  • As soon as it completes, the repair tool will offer you different ways to fix it. 
  • Use the best solution amongst them to resolve the issue and then reboot the desktop. 
  • Post that, you will have to reinstall the Quickbooks so that you can verify the component issue.

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This will help in fixing the issue as soon as possible. So, let’s have a look on how to use the tool to fix the errors.

How to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool for resolving issues?

If and when you have downloaded the component repair tool you will then have to see how to use it. Resolving any issue with the repair tool is simple and convenient. Here is one of the best solutions that you can do to fix the issues.

Solution 1: Using the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

There are multiple errors that can arise in Quickbooks applications. And with the help of diagnostic tools you can resolve multiple issues. And once you use this tool you can troubleshoot them with ease. Here is what you can do to quickfix the issues.

  • Start by downloading the “Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool” and set it up on your desktop.
  • You will have to then save the “.exe file” on your desktop. 
  • After the downloading is completed, you will have to search for the file that you just saved. 
  • Launch the tool and then complete the installation process by following the on-screen pop up messages. 
  • Post that, you will have to delete all the executing programs and also run the installation tools.
  • Next, you can close your application after fixing the issues. And then just restart your desktop.

This is one of the best ways of using the diagnostic tools. You can also use the other methods. If the issue after using the solution still persists, you can move on to the next solution.


Solution 2: Updating Windows to the recent version

If the issues are still there you can try updating the Windows to its recent version. There are many problems that can be fixed by just doing this. 

If you have been using the outdated version of Windows it will surely create multiple problems. So quickly follow these steps to update your Windows.

  • Start by clicking “Windows icon” on your keyboard. 
  • When you see the search bar, you will have to simply type “Windows Update.”
  • And then press the “Enter key” on your desktop. 
  • There will be a new window that will pop up on your screen after clicking the “enter key.”
  • It will display the screen where you will have the option of “Check for updates.” All you need to do is press on the tab. 
  • Complete all the available updates and then reboot your desktop. 
  • Lastly, you will have to just click on “install” and then just follow the on screen instructions. 
  • And now you will just have to reboot your desktop to get the updates installed in your desktop.

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Solution 3: Repairing Microsoft.NET Framework

This is one of the Microsoft components that is also important for QuickBooks and all the web job applications connected to it. And if it gets damaged you can use the repair tool to fix it. Here are some quick and easy steps that can be followed.

  • You have to start the process by downloading your Quickbooks repair tool. 
  • When it gets downloaded you will have to save the file in an accessible location and then when prompted, just install it. 
  • You will have to only follow the on-screen indicators or steps. 
  • Then close all the programs and applications that are even running in your background. 
  • And then click on QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe.
  • Let the diagnosis get completed. You can simply restart the computer. 
  • And then check whether this problem still persists or not. 

And even if you are done with this process you can still face a few issues. Now, this is going to be problematic, even for you. So, if the problem you were facing is still there, you will have to try out these.

  • Try to fix the issue by tapping on the Windows Key on the keyboard. 
  • Then select “Windows Update” and then complete it. 

And many times, if you are using an outdated version of Quickbooks, this can also cause the issue. 



This blog might have helped you to understand all the aspects of QuickBooks component repair tools. How to download it on your desktop and use it to fix errors. But if your problem still exists, you must take the help of our expert. They are here to help you with all the Quickbooks related issues. 

Those who wish to get the immediate assistance, can call them directly on the cloud hosting helpline number. It is available on our website. Our team members are available 24 x7 to assist you.

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