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Effective Premature Ejaculation Treatment, and Best Online Medicine PE

About 39% of men experience premature ejaculation in their life. Hence, it is one of the prevalent sexual conditions. PE stands for premature ejaculation and is a typical symptom of men’s sexual dysfunction. PE men are more likely to experience orgasm and ejaculate rapidly in sex, usually after under a minute of sex or, in rare situations, even before intercourse. While dealing with premature ejaculation will be unpleasant and difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be an issue you have to cope with forever. Moreover, Premature ejaculation treatment is now available to assist you in staying in bed longer.

Treatment Options For PE

Before moving to allopathic medical options, we will have a general overview of any premature ejaculation solution and possible home solutions.

Behavioural approaches, topical anaesthetics, medicines, and counselling are common treatments for premature ejaculation.

Also, please remember that finding the proper medication or combination therapy for you may take some time.

The most successful premature ejaculation treatment may be behavioural psychotherapy combined with pharmaceutical medicines.

Behavioural approaches

In some circumstances, premature ejaculation treatment may be masturbating before a few hours preceding intercourse.

So, this helps to delay the process of ejaculation.

Kegel Exercise

Your capability to defer ejaculation will hamper your pelvic floor muscles are weak. Pelvic floor exercises can aid to strengthen the muscles.


Condoms can assist prolong ejaculation by reducing penis sensation. You can purchase condoms with “climax control” at various medicine shops.

To postpone ejaculation, some condoms include numbing chemicals like lidocaine or lidocaine. Additionally, some of them contain thicker latex. So, you can consider them as a premature ejaculation treatment.

The pause-squeeze technique

Your doctor may suggest that you and your spouse utilize the pause-squeeze approach as an option for the premature ejaculation cure.

The following is how this performs:

  • Start sexual intercourse as regular, involving penis stimulation, until you’re close to being to reach orgasm.
  • Squeeze the tip of your penis, where the head (glans) meets the shaft, for seconds or until the desire to ejaculate fades.


This process includes discussing your interactions and experiences with a psychotherapist. Additionally, sessions can assist in the lowering of anxiety issues and the development of healthier stress coping techniques.

Moreover, counselling in conjunction with pharmacological therapy is the most effective premature ejaculation treatment in the long term.

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Medical Options To Treat PEpremature ejaculation medicine


Premature Ejaculation Cure With Medicines

You can consider medicines as one of the premature ejaculation solution. The premature ejaculation treatment with such medicines involves delaying ejaculation.

Since premature ejaculation is a prevalent issue, many products are advertised as “proven” PE treatments. While some PE therapies are helpful, others are ineffective, and you should avoid them.

So, if you consider premature ejaculation medicine, they are broad of two categories. You will find all the information below.

Topical Anaesthetics 

In some cases, one can treat PE with topical anaesthetics. The anaesthetic lotions and sprays contain a numbing substance such as benzocaine, prilocaine, or lidocaine.

For diminishing sensation and delaying ejaculation, you can use these products on your penis 10 to 15 minutes preceding sex. Although topical anaesthetics are safe and efficient, they can have adverse side effects. Also, some males, for instance, report a temporary sensitivity loss and a reduction in sexual enjoyment.

PE Supplements Available Over-the-Counter

If you go to your neighborhood sex shop or search online, you’ll find many supplements labelled as PE treatment. The majority of the time, herbal products contain herbal ingredients.

It’s also worth noting that these medications aren’t authorized by the FDA, which means. So these products promotion takes place with claims that genuine pharmaceuticals can’t. These items are not susceptible to any testing. So, it can’t be safe to trust any source for such medications.

However, Ohman is a reputed seller of effective medicines for men’s sexual health and wellness, offering premature ejaculation treatment. At Ohman’s online store, you can find a range of FDA approved medications. So, you can browse their range of medications and shop for them.

Prescription Medications For PE

Selected serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, are among the prevalent prescribed medicines for premature ejaculation. Numerous types of medication can help to address premature ejaculation.

These drugs work by boosting the blood circulation to your penis. Because strong erections are about blood circulation, this boost in blood flow makes it straightforward to get and keep an erection when sexually aroused.

Usually, SSRIs help to address the situation of depression and anxiety. These medications often aid to calm down climax and ejaculation.

Your doctor might recommend some prescription drugs for medications like sildenafil (Viagra®), besides SSRIs, such as sertraline.

Apart from SSRIs, doctors may also prescribe PDE5 inhibitors to treat PE. Some of them are:

  • sildenafil (Viagra)
  • tadalafil (Cialis)
  • avanafil (Stendra)

Your doctor will recommend taking such PDE5 inhibitors 30 minutes to one hour before engaging yourself in sex. These drugs come in tablet form, and you can either take them daily or as prescribed by your doctor.

Bottom Line

Premature ejaculation can make you feel as though you’re losing some of the intimacy you have with your sexual partner. You may become offended, uncomfortable, or disturbed and look away from your relationship.

Additionally, your partner would also be unhappy with such PE reasons. So, it is better to seek premature ejaculation treatment immediately or soonest feasible.

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