North America Automotive seat Market : An In-Depth Business Report and Future Outlook for 2032


Market overview

Considering the huge number of factors driving the market dynamics, the market is also predicted to showcase a global value of 101.27 billion by the end of 2020. There has been an increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles with the demand for urbanization. People have been focusing on changing their lifestyles, as a result of which the automotive industry is raising in terms of lightweight seats and comfort to the drivers. This has somehow accelerated the growth of the market dynamics and also boosted the market in terms of production. However, there have been certain factors that have also restricted the growth and development of the same.

The automotive industry is calculated as one of the third largest industries upon which investments are done on higher scales. Seats are the essential components of any given automotive appliance or vehicle. The emerging trends by the day have made it possible to develop minor components like smartphones.  The customer approach for these devices is also seen in heavy numbers. The Automotive seat market is estimated to grow at a global rate of 5.11% of CAGR. The forecast period of the market is predicted from 2023 to 2030, amid which healthy and substantial growth is predicted for the market.

The prominent key players in the automotive seat market size outlook are the following:

  • Faurecia (france)
  • Johnson controls (u.s)
  • Lear corporation (u.s)
  • Toyota boshoku corporation (japan)
  • Ts tech corporation ltd (japan)
  • Dura automotive systems (u.s)
  • Ifb automotive (india)
  • Fisher and company (austria)
  • Magna international inc (canada)
  • Aktis engineering solutions (india)
  • Marter automotive seating systems (turkey)
  • Tata autocomp systems limited (india)
  • Tm automotive seating systems private limited (india)
  • Grammar seating systems (germany)
  • Recaro automotive (germany)

The automotive seats are pretty expensive. It was seen that almost 5% of the investments made by potential key players were just incurred by the seats, and there were all other additional costs for the vehicle. The global pandemic also had a negative impact on the business sector of the automotive seat market size. The continuous lockdown imposed by the government hampered the supply chain of the market. The retailers and the manufacturers were also in great debt due to a stoppage of the import and export of raw materials. Due to a scarcity in the availability of the same, the prices were heavily increased. Despite all the factors driving and restraining the market dynamics, healthy growth is predicted for the automotive seat market size in its forecast period.

Market segmentation

The automotive seat market size is mainly segmented into its type, materials, technology and vehicle type.

By its type, the market is segmented into bucket, folding and bench. By its material, the market is again divided into synthetic leather, genuine leather and fabric. The divisions, according to technology, are power-heated and standard. By vehicle type, the market is fragmented into commercial and passenger vehicles.

Regional analysis

Geographically, the automotive seat market size is broadly spread over parts of north america, asia and europe. Asia-pacific was accounted to hold the maximum shares of the market as the industrial sectors had a strong effect in parts of china, india, south korea and japan.

Recent development

The automotive seat market size has several key players functioning in its market dynamics. A few of them are magna international and lear corporations. They enhance the productivity of the market dynamics.

  • In dec 2021: One of the major collaborations took place between hyundai transys and brose corporation. They came into a joint development agreement to develop the future automated seats and secure stabilization.

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