The New Forest National Parks very important mix of habitats plays host to a number of fantastic varieties of British wildlife. The three main habitats that the wildlife can call home are open heathland, woodlands and wetlands all of which have been affected by man over many centuries. Thankfully since 1079 the wildlife has been largely protected when it was Ferienwohnung im Schwarzwald designated a royal hunting ground by King William I.

Strictly speaking though

Perhaps the most famous animal to inhabit the New Forest is the New Forest Pony who has played a big part in the Forests history. Strictly speaking though the New Forest Ponies aren’t wild, they are all privately owned yet are allowed to roam free across the open forest. The ponies we see today though are descendants of wild ponies who used to roam right across the British countryside. Hundreds of years ago these animals were domesticated and have been interbred with other horse breeds. A local myth believes that New Forest ponies are descended from Spanish Horses that survived the numerous shipwrecks during the time of the Spanish Armada.

The owners of the ponies are known as commoners and all have the right to graze their animals on open forest land, a right that has existed since William the Conqueror. The ponies are looked out for by the owners and the Agisters who are employees of the New Forest Verderes. Each year during late summer all the ponies are rounded up and accounted for, they are then auctioned allowing commoners to buy and sell if they so wish.

The Animal Responsible For

Another animal which is synonymous with the New Forest is the deer, the animal responsible for the forest being designated a Royal Hunting Ground back in 1079. With in the forest there are five different species of deer, though of the five only two are British natives. British deer found in the forest are the red deer and the roe deer. The other three species are the fallow deer, sika deer and muntjac deer. The sika and muntjac are very rarely seen in the forest and are only located in a few small pockets making spotting them quite difficult.

The red deer of the forest are also quite allusive with just around 100 animals. The famous British deer are thought to be the largest deer in the UK and are most commonly found amongst the highlands of Scotland and Southern England. Even id you don’t manage to spot a red deer keep your ears open as you might be able to hear their distinctive loud bellow.

The New Forest Is The Fallow Deer

The most common deer in the New Forest is the fallow deer which can be easily identified by its ‘Bambi’ markings during the summer months. Although the fallow deer are shy there are enough of them throughout the forest to make spotting them quite likely on a typical forest walk.

Make 2011 the Year to Visit the New Forest

If you are looking for somewhere new to visit in 2011 then why not take a trip to Hampshire and visit the New Forest. This wonderful area is located in the south of England and contains a national park and many charming and rural towns and villages throughout its borders.

The New Forest holds something interesting for everyone in the family with a huge and varying amount of organised activities planned throughout the year. For those wanting to explore huge amounts of greenery and open space, the New Forest certainly is the place to visit, a haven for Walkers and cyclists alike; it is the ideal choice for those wanting adventure and plenty of fresh air during their holiday break. Cyclists and mountain bikers have a choice of over 100 miles of cycle paths and routes throughout the area. These trails offer scenic and breathtaking views across its valleys and are extremely well looked after, many of which are converted country railway lines and tracks.

There are many great towns and villages within

The New Forest borders, Lyndhurst is one of the largest communities and contains not only great accommodation but also the main Tourist Information Centre that offers information regarding the whole area. For those interested in History you can visit the courthouse that dates back to medieval England and give a glimpse into the regions royalty connection.

The New Forest commission offer guided walks to visitors and gives visitors a chance to explore some locations they would normally miss out on, Ferienwohnung im Schwarzwald nature walks and Mountain Biking treks are also available to adventurous visitors to the region.

Nature lovers can get a glimpse of the parks wildlife by visiting

The New Forest Wildlife Park, this park consists of over twenty five acres of scenic and unique woodlands. The park is a great help to the areas conservation plans and hosts many types of wildlife ranging from owls and otters to wolves and wild boar.