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NetApp Certified Technology Associate NS0-003 Dumps

NS0-003 exam is the new code replacement of NS0-002 for NetApp Certified Technology Associate certification. To achieve the best score in your actual NetApp NS0-003 exam, we strongly recommend you to practice Passcert NetApp Certified Technology Associate NS0-003 Dumps as much as you can and clear your concepts and doubts from practice questions and answers. It will help you understand your areas of strength and weakness in related syllabus topics and improve your ability to answer the questions in the actual NetApp NS0-003 exam.We guarantee your 100% success in your final NS0-003 NetApp Certified Technology Associate exam.
NetApp Certified Technology Associate NS0-003 Dumps Replacement of NS0-002 Exam

NetApp Certified Technology Associate

You demonstrate a foundational understanding of NetApp data storage systems and the products and technologies specifically designed for managing data in today’s growing hybrid cloud market. You understand technologies in storage and data management, both on-premise and in a hybrid cloud environment and have an in-depth knowledge of NetApp products and technologies used in managing data in the cloud. NCTA will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Technology Associate (NS0-003) exam.

NS0-003 Exam Details

Exam Name: NetApp Certified Technology Associate
Exam Code: NS0-003
Exam Price: $150 USD
Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 60
Passing Score: 68%

Exam Objectives

The NetApp Certified Technology Associate (NS0-003) exam includes the following topics:

Infrastructure Concepts

Identify basic infrastructure concepts
Identify data governance concepts
Identify virtualization concepts

NetApp Data Storage Software

Identify NetApp Element, NetApp ONTAP, NetApp StorageGRID, NetApp SANtricity

NetApp Cloud Solutions

Describe NetApp Cloud Manager tools
Describe the NetApp data mobility solutions
Identify NetApp cloud data protection
Describe NetApp Cloud Storage
Describe NetApp Cloud Services

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Value Proposition

Describe the business benefits of the NetApp Data Fabric
Identify the consumption model options for NetApp Hybrid Cloud solutions

Share NetApp Certified Technology Associate NS0-003 Sample Questions

You are using Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus switches. You need a storage component that validates the FlexPod reference architecture.
Which NetApp product will accomplish this task?
A.NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
B.NetApp AFF
C.NetApp StorageGRID
D.NetApp ONTAP Select
Answer: B
Which NetApp platform forms the basis of the StorageGRID appliance?
Answer: C
Which workload would benefit from a virtualized environment with the ability to quickly clone entire virtual machines?
A.a virtual desktop environment with 5,000 users
B.the payroll system of a government body retail sales
D.a large data lake
Answer: A
What are two benefits of managing persistent storage volumes in containers using NetApp Trident?(Choose two.)
A.Trident dynamically fulfills storage requests.
B.Trident provides a unified interface to NetApp storage.
C.Trident provides automated deployment of Helm charts to Kubernetes.
D.Trident provides additional storage efficiencies.
Answer: AB
You want to restore files to the same NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance after being backed up in object storage. In this scenario, which NetApp service enables this capability?
A.Cloud Backup
B.Cloud Compliance
C.Spot Ocean
D.SaaS Backup
Answer: A
Which three benefits does Astra provide? (Choose three.)
A.application migration insights protection
D.disaster recovery
E.application management
Answer: ACD
You are the storage administrator for a large number of NetApp systems for your organization. You want to see a list of all of the identified risks for the clusters that you manage.
In this scenario, from which two NetApp sources would you locate this information?(Choose two.)
A.Active IQ website
B.Cloud Sync
C.Cloud Insights
D.Cloud Compliance
Answer: AC
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