Mouthwatering Grill Menus, Kabobs, Entrees and Meat Platters, All Served Fresh & Juicy


Whether it’s a hot grill plate, meat wrap, sandwich, kotlet or kabob, it is a city-based cafeteria & restaurant in Glendale, CA, that has carved out a distinct niche among its local clientele. All meat lovers are now flocking to this place that serves an extensive assortment of ‘charcoal infused’ grill plates and family platters in all kinds of meat, as well as fish preparations. In fish, it is mostly Salmon and Sturgeon, whereas in meat dishes or full platters, it is beef, pork, chicken and lamb, all served fresh, hot & juicy, straight from the oven. You guessed it right! It’s “Art’s Bakery & Cafe’ right here in Glendale that prepares and sells some lip smacking grilled plates for all die-hard and fanatic foodies. Here, you get to taste some of the finger licking stuff like grilled Salmon steak, boneless country-style baby pork ribs, beef lulah kabob, chicken lulah kabob, chicken boneless thigh kabob and family kabob platter for 1, 6, 12 & 16 person serving sizes. All the dishes are truly filling and overwhelmingly delicious, with the sprinkling of fresh herbs, veggies, cheese and fresh whipped cream. It’s all served fresh!


An Exclusive Place for Kabobs & Grill Plates, Right Here in the City of Glendale

If you’re seriously thinking of inviting your friends over for a barbeque (BBQ) party at home, why not order a full plate of Berkshire grilled bone-in pork ribs and impress upon your friends and colleagues. Else, you can try the Berkshire pork bacon chunks, Zucchini kotlet, New Zealand lamb chop, beef shish kabob or the ever-popular Berkshire pork chop that simply melts in your mouth. It is a burst of ‘meaty’ flavors, aromas and the taste of spices that lingers in your taste buds, even after you’ve eaten it all. All meat lovers in this city are craving for a delicious Glendale grill menu, with all the assortment of entrees, sides, soups, salads and appetizers. It is once such a city-based cafeteria that offers all the best meat platters, grilled plates and kabobs. The meat can be deep fried, sauteed, roasted, charcoal grille or prepared in sauce and served exclusively for satisfying your immense appetite. The meat pieces are cooked perfectly well, as they are so tender, juicy & soft. It easily breaks apart and melts in your mouth, and you love eating it more. This is what you can expect from a popular cafeteria that specializes in all kinds of meat dishes, platters and grilled plates.