Modular Kitchen Design Tips For Modern Homes

Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house. Having the latest modular kitchen designs can let you pick and choose the best ideas for designing your kitchen. Modular designs give the kitchen a very organized and clean look. Here are a few points which you should focus on when planning your modular kitchen with the designer.

Things to consider in modular kitchen designing

  • Plan the layout

Depending on the space available in your kitchen, decide whether you want a U-shaped layout or an L-shaped layout. Follow the triangle rule so that the stove, sink, and refrigerator are the kitchen’s focal point and are 4 to 9 feet away from one another.

  • Select the kitchen appliances

During the design phase itself, select the kitchen appliances so that their sizes can be accounted for when the layout is being made. Decide how many plug points you will need and where they should be positioned. Finalize the position of the stove and chimney. Select a chimney that has a high suction power so that it can eliminate odors and create a smoke-free environment for you to work.

  • Optimize storage

Opt for differently sized cabinets and drawers for storing your cutlery, spices, ports, electronic appliances, et cetera. It is better if you choose a dedicated pantry unit to store all dry ingredients. Make sure that you optimize the vertical storage by elevating the height of the overhead cabinets to the ceiling. If there is a gap between overhead cabinets and the ceiling, the top of the cabinet will accumulate a lot of dust.

  • Select the materials

You can go for boiling water-resistant (BWR) plywood instead of opting for less durable materials, like particleboard, MDF or HDF. These will suffer damage in a moisture-laden environment. You can choose between laminate, acrylic, Duco paint and membrane finish for the exteriors of your kitchen cabinets. Granite and Quartz are most preferred for their counterparts. Avoid using marble because marble is porous and will get stained.

  • Color combination 

You can either opt for one or two-tone color scheme with two contrasting colors. It is best to choose matte finish for the cabinets because a glossy finish will smudge easily and show fingerprints.

  • Under-cabinet lighting

Ceiling lighting will give you general kitchen lighting. Still, the presence of overhead cabinets tends to cast shadows and create dark regions in the countertop. Therefore, make sure you have under-cabinet lighting to have enough lighting for chopping vegetables, cooking and plating the food.

Accessories for the modular kitchen

You can select from various cutlery organizers, tall units, pull out baskets, pullouts, under sink accessories, et cetera, and integrate it into your kitchen design according to your preferences. You can also spice up the look of the kitchen by adding antique door knobs, colorful paintings, et cetera. 

Designing is the most important part of making a modular kitchen. Do not take this decision in a hurry. Go through the latest modular kitchen designs and then pick the best ideas for your requirements.