Mobile App Development: Top KPIs to Measure App Performance

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Gone are the days when building feature-rich mobile applications was challenging. But now, technology integration has reached another level, and achieving anything is possible. 

The apps are available to do any task, and you must keep them up to date. Also, you must offer the latest and trendiest features to be at the top of the market. 

So, keep up the game-high; you must incorporate advanced technology and measure the performance regularly. Any top mobile app development company in USA would help you to achieve your business goals by providing your dream app. But it’s up to you how you manage things after the development. 

To measure app performance, you must check the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). App performance is the key factor for application success. Thus here are some top KPIs that can help you to keep track of app performance. Read them!

Top Key Performance Indicators to measure your app performance

Once you identify the KPIs that are at their best, you assure the smooth working of a mobile application. Although you should look for all the KPIs, here are some crucial KPIs that can add value to your app performance. So, review them and work on them to enhance your app performance. 


Always keep track of the downloads and uninstallation of your mobile application. It can help you evaluate the user life cycle loop. Also, it will give you an idea about what things are favoring you and which features you need to work on. In this way, you can retain old users and gain new users. 


A register option in your app is another factor that can define your app’s success. While some mobile applications require registration to access services, it is not necessary for you to have to add such features. Moreover, if you add a registration option, try to make it simple. Still, if you see the users are not registering, you must review your onboarding process. It will help you to enhance your app performance. 


Keeping the note of subscribers and unsubscribes will let you understand how well your app performs. Also, add new content and provide updates for a better app user experience. It is one of the most considerable things to work on to enhance app performance. 

User Retention Rate

Retaining customers on an app is a big deal. If you retain users, your app impacts rightly, and you can generate revenue from your mobile app. 

You can use the formula to find the retention rate for your mobile application. 

{(CE – CN) / CS)} X 100

Where CE indicates customers at the end of the period, CN stands for new customers acquired during the period, and CS represents customers present at the start. 


Sessions can let you identify the number of times a user opens your mobile app. It can help you to determine how engaging your app is. No matter how good features you have incorporated into the app, it is useless if a user is not spending time on it while using it. You can know a user’s activity on your app when you have session information. And a timely, you can make decisions to improve services. 


Checking on keywords is another essential thing to consider to succeed. It helps users find your application on app stores, enhancing the chances of more app installation. Also, by tracking the rankings of keywords, to do so, you can use ASO tools. 

App Store Category Ranking

As explained above, keeping track of your app’s ranking in the search category is crucial to notice; it helps you to change your strategy. Try to get a better ranking, as it affects your app performance. 

Reviews & Ratings

Once you identify the negative reviews for your app, you get chances to make things correct. Work on those things that users are facing as trouble and offer them hassle-free access to your mobile app. Reviews from the customer make your app work in the right direction, and you get to know what users actually want from your app. 


With the above KPIs, you can evaluate the performance of your application. And once you find the points to work on, you must contact an experienced mobile app development company in the USA to get things done correctly. The experts’ help is all you need when your app lacks performance. The app development company will rectify the problems and make your app flawless. So, connect with them right now!