MegaPath SIP Trunks: What Is A SIP Trunk For?

MegaPath SIP trunks

Tre you a telecom agent? Do you use an NEC SL 1100? If you do, have you ever thought of taking advantage of MegaPath SIP trunks? Still, trying to figure out what SIP trunk is? Here we go!

A SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) or MegaPath SIP trunks are telephone lines that work over IP using the SIP protocol. NEC SL1100 model or any other telephone numbers and DIDs are linked to the MegaPath SIP trunks. In many cases, the numbers can be ported to a SIP trunk.

How do the MegaPath SIP trunks work?

MegaPath SIP trunks work as an intermediary layer. This connects an organization’s telephone exchange to the Internet telephony service.

In practical terms, the SIP protocol is used to manage digital connections. It connects the calls made from the switchboard to the public telephone network. This must transmit the data packets generated in the internal telephone network to the Internet service.

Change from PSTN to MegaPath SIP trunks 

Telecom agents who have worked with telecommunications know that the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with its analog lines are very reliable. They are practically obsolete for modern companies with specific telecommunications requirements.

Business telephony is migrating from the PSTN to MegaPath SIP trunks, which are higher in capacity, more modern and flexible with the needs of companies. MegaPath Voice Providers understand the benefits these MegaPath SIP trunks bring to new business models, and they are migrating to IP telephony. This indicates that it will be inevitable that all companies use a SIP trunk and, therefore, will have to upgrade the telephone exchanges to VoIP.

As a result, MegaPath SIP trunks are gaining more and more ground in business telecommunications. It is usually provided by an internet service provider ISP. Unlike a PSTN provider, the lines are not delivered through physical cabling but by service over the Internet.

The MegaPath SIP Trunks provider provides numbers and lines, usually at better rates than traditional providers, with more flexibility and shorter contracting time.

Benefits of MegaPath SIP trunks

Any company that makes use of MegaPath SIP trunks can enjoy many benefits, such as:

Lower monthly rent: the monthly cost of having the number of lines installed in the company is significantly reduced with SIP trunks.

Lower Call Costs: With so much competition in the provider market, prices are very affordable and even come with unlimited calling.

Better Customer Service: Businesses can better serve their customers by adding more geographic and international numbers. By adding numbers to the MegaPath SIP trunks and directing them to the company’s IP PBX, customers can be given more calling options at significantly lower costs. With this SIP trunk, the barrier for people to contact the company is reduced, and sales are increased.

Move your offices and keep the same number:

It is elementary to move offices without changing your stationery or informing your clients of new numbers. No need to bother and pay the operator for redirecting phone calls.

Eliminate VoIP Gateways: MegaPath SIP trunks

Eliminate the need to purchase and manage VoIP Gateways. All phone calls come by IP. Avoiding extra audio conversion often results in better communication quality.

Get the most out of IP PBXs:
IP PBXs / Unified Communications Solutions will increase customers’ productivity and mobility and improve sales. Connecting an IP PBX to a SIP trunk is much easier than via the PSTN.


It is elementary for telecom agents to add channels to the SIP trunk to handle a more significant number of calls. Channels can be added with a simple phone call, often done immediately.

A correct number of channels:

With MegaPath SIP trunks, you can easily choose the right channels your organization needs, while with ISDN/T1, you often have to add 15 or 30 lines. This usually means you end up with unnecessary extra expensive capacity.

Characteristics of MegaPath Voice Providers:

To choose MegaPath Voice Providers, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Security: you must have a secure network with end-to-end security systems that adequately protect information.
  • Own network: It is best to ensure that MegaPath Voice Providers have a network and that it is separate from the company.

Why MegaPath SIP trunks

Mega Path is a commercial telecommunications company, founded in 1996. That provides Voice, Unified Communications, Internet Access, Managed Security Services, Mega Path SIP trunks, and Cloud Computing services to carrier enterprises and service providers in the United States.