Max Hospital: The Best Cancer Treatment Hospital in India

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells, which may spread to other parts of the body from the point of origin. Generally, the uncontrolled cell division is called cancer. Although cell division also occurs in healthy and normal cells, they have a specific life cycle after which they die, and their place is taken by new cells; this way, the usual process goes on. However, this normal process gets disrupted in the cancer cells, showing abnormal growth. This disruption may be due to mutations or changes in the DNA.

Moreover, the tumors formed by uncontrolled cell division can be of two types. The first one is Benign tumors, and the second type is Malignant tumors. Benign tumors are non-cancerous, but malignant tumors are the ones that spread to different tissues and are cancerous.

Types of cancer

The following cancers are based on specific cell types:

  • Carcinoma is a cancer of the skin and the tissues that line the other organs.
  • Sarcoma affects the connective tissue of the body like bone, cartilage, etc.
  • Leukemia affects the bone marrow, where blood cells are formed.
  • Lymphoma and Myeloma:Ā They are cancers of the immune system.

However, several other types depend on which organ they invade, for example, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.

If you or any of your relatives have detected cancer, do not panic. You need to check for the best hospital forĀ cancer treatments in India,Ā like Max Healthcare.

Why is Max hospital the best for cancer treatments in India?

Here we are providing you with some details about the Max hospital and the reason they come in the category of Best hospital in theĀ cancer treatments in India.

  1. Several Branches in India

Max cancer care hospital is in Delhi, NCR. Besides, it has several branches in other locations like Shalimar Bagh, Saket, Vaishali, Patparganj, Gurgaon, Max Smart, Bathinda, and Mohali. These centers specialize in treating various types of cancers lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, head, and neck, etc. Moreover, the Max hospital is within oneā€™s reach. Therefore, the location of the hospital matters a lot for the patient as it helps in regular treatment and timely checkups.

  1. Integrated treatment technique

Max hospital provides a complete and integrated treatment for cancer patients. They use a combination of techniques like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and targeted therapy if needed. They have the best specialists like medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, and radiation oncologists.

  1. Latest techniques used

At Max hospital, besides using different therapies and surgery in cancer treatment, they are the first hospital in northern India to use the new and latest techniques like Radiosurgery, HIPEC and SRS/SRT, and Novalis Tx for IMRT/IGRT. Moreover, the Max hospital is also equipped with a very advanced technique, the Da Vinci XI Robotic System, to treat complex cancers like cervix, prostate cancer, heart tumors, and colon/rectum cancer. This method is the next frontier for minimally invasive surgery.

  1. Cancer specialization

At Max cancer hospital, you will find specialized oncologists to treat many types like breast cancer, head and neck oncology, neuro-oncology, musculoskeletal oncology, orthopedic oncology, thoracic oncology (lung cancer), and pediatric oncology.

Pediatric oncology is not very common; you cannot find it everywhere. However, the frequency of cancer in children is one child in 1000. Since children are different from adults, their needs are also different. Therefore, their treatment has to be done by a pediatric oncologist.

  1. Team of experts

The team of experts at Max hospital has marvelous experience in diagnosis, research, and cancer treatment. The team of experts at Max is from across the country. You will also find that all the staff and oncologists on board at Max are highly qualified. They provide personalized cancer treatment using the latest equipment and techniques. Moreover, they have a dedicated daycare center for chemotherapy to provide convenience and comfort to the patients.

  1. Friendly environment

The environment of the day-care center is mainly designed to give patients home-like care with a patient-friendly ambiance for their faster recovery. The Max staff including oncologists try to understand their patients to make their tomorrow better than today and give the patients the best possible treatment and care.



This hospital tries its best to provide its patients with the best possible care. Utmost patient care helps in good reviews of the hospital. The instrumentation facilities, a team of experts, and other friendly, well-educated, and helping staff make Max Hospital one of Indiaā€™s leadingĀ cancer treatment hospitals.

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