Manage your data better with cloud based CRM software


Implementing a CRM solution for your business allows you to manage your database more efficiently. Today, companies worldwide are migrating data to secure remote servers for better accessibility. It also allows you to automate time-consuming tasks like data entry and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Did you know?

Dropbox and Google Drive are some of the most popular cloud based systems that make your file easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

What is cloud based CRM Software?

Let us first understand cloud based CRM Software separately for better understanding. Cloud Based is a term that refers to data, applications or services made available on demand with cloud servers. CRM stands for Customer relationship management software. It is a technology to manage a company’s relationship and interactions with customers, from marketing to sales to customer support, efficiently.


So, cloud base CRM system is a platform hotel on the CRM provider’s server and accessed by its customer through the internet.


How is cloud based Crm software good for an Organization?


  • Mobile access: Cloud Based services allow the software to be easily accessible with any device. They have mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • No need to install servers: Unlike on site applications that are hosted on in site servers, the database of cloud based software is hosted remotely. With cloud based crm software, you do not have to buy costly hardware or hire staff. You just need a steady internet connection to access all your valuable data.
  • High-Level Security: The best cloud based software allows you to safely store your data in a remote data center. The chance of unauthorized access is eliminated with its robust security measures. Additionally, all the data stored in the cloud is regularly backed up, preventing accidental data loss.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based crm softwares are made flexible to grow with the growth of your business. You can easily add features and products to handle a great volume of customers.
  • Connected workforce: CRM platform allows the staff to access the real-time data of the customers anywhere and anytime. Your staff remains updated with the latest and most accurate customer information.
  • No need to pay for updates and maintenance: CRM software provider updates and maintains the hardware that runs the platform smoothly. They are responsible for fixing bugs, data migration, updating software and ensuring client security.


How is cloud Crm different from other Crm?


The functions of a cloud CRM are the same as those of other CRMs. The difference is that because its data is stored in a remote data center, cloud based CRM systems are accessible through the internet. They can be accessed from anywhere. They provide great flexibility in where and when business is conducted.




A cloud based CRM software has become the need of the hour not only to manage the database but also to scale your business to a new height.

With cloud based CRM, one can access real time data anywhere and anytime. With its convenient features and functionality, it is sure to play a pivotal role in customer relationship management.


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