Instructions on how to register as a football betting agent

Instructions on how to register as a football betting agent
Instructions on how to register as a football betting agent

Being a football betting Kubet agent is also considered one of the professions that can earn the most money today.

The average commission when working as a dealer is 55%, which is why many people want to try. Don’t know how to start and register, so let’s find out in the article below!

What is a football betting agent?

Like other brands, when advertising their products, they will choose famous representatives to promote the brand and increase prestige to attract customers.

Similarly, football betting agents are representatives of those who specialize in promoting betting products. Betting agents will be responsible for advertising products when bookmakers offer betting products.

Football betting agents are the bridge between participants and the house, helping to stick together.

Functions and duties of football betting agents.

Football betting agents have the main task of promoting betting products. In addition to promoting football betting products, agents are also responsible for promoting other products such as tennis, car racing, horse racing …

In addition to sports betting products, there are other entertainment products such as casinos, poker, card games… The betting agents will enjoy higher commissions when they invite more participants to play.

Currently, there are two types of agents on the agent market: prepaid agents and postpaid agents.

The level of the commission received when acting as a football betting agent.

As a football betting agent, you will earn yourself a considerable income. The commission will range from 20 to 55%.

  • The formula for calculating the commission of a football betting agent is:

(Player’s total loss – house cost)*% commission.)

For example, if there are 10 active customers, the total customer loss for the month is 500 million minus fixed costs will be 200 million multiplied by 40% = 80 million. So the agent’s commission will be 80 million.

However, there will be a separate commission table at each house.

Steps to register as a football betting agent.

Anyone can join and become a football betting agent. However, not every profession is simple. This profession requires you to endure difficulties to be successful. Players should choose reputable football betting sites to act as agents. Do not choose poor-quality betting sites to register as an agent.

Choose a reputable bookmaker.

You should choose reputable bookmakers in the betting market because these will help your dealer maintain long-term and create people’s trust.

Just think, if you choose to cooperate with a reputable bookie, no matter how strongly you promote your product, you will not attract customers to support your development. So you should choose carefully from this step to avoid losing potential customers.

The leading reputable agents you register as M88, W88, Fun88, FB88, Vwin88, 12Bet, and KUBET … these agents have existed in the market for a long time and are present all over the world. Nation. Players highly appreciate reputation, so the customer retention rate is also very high.

Equip yourself with knowledge about the house.

Every player, when participating in betting, the first thing they care about is the house. Players who want to join the home need more in-depth advice about the place. Therefore, you must equip yourself with basic knowledge about the house when working as a betting agent.

This is essential because it is the bridge between the player and the house. Besides, you must understand the popular games, incentives, promotions… This knowledge will make the process of becoming a bookie easier.

Equip enough betting knowledge.

As a product promotion representative, you must have basic knowledge of the betting field. It’s really flawed if you don’t have any knowledge in this field. So equip yourself with betting knowledge, playing experience, or betting tips.

Financial and time investment.

Besides being fully equipped with the knowledge, you also need to invest money and time. Because no success takes less time, the more time you know, the higher the success rate.

How to become an online betting agent.

Being an online betting agent will attract customers quickly, but you must invest in communication to promote the products to the widest possible extent.

Forms of being an online betting agent.

This form will get income immediately, in addition to receiving commissions and the difference between the house rate. However, it takes an active group of people to open a dealership.

Above, we have helped you have the most overview about being a football betting agent. We hope that this article will be of help to you, especially for those of you who are intending to do this work. Thank you, guys; I wish you always success.

Credit Formula: The most accurate football bets: When participating in football betting, any brother wants to win and get attractive bonuses. The moment you get your winnings on your chance is a good thing any staking player wants after a long night of fighting.

However, the betting industry is now developing many new ways of playing and rules, so the fundamental method of calculating money in football betting and reading football odds has also changed a lot. So to know Ku casino the most accurate football betting formula, follow the following article!

The most accurate football betting formula 2022

Each bookmaker, ball owner, or two players playing against each other will have different ways of calculating money. You should read the analysis below to gain more experience to ensure your rights. Regarding betting, it is essential to know your winners and losers.

Currently, there are many ways to calculate football bets based on the betting odds of the bookies. This rate is very diverse, so you must learn carefully about the football betting formula to choose the best game for you.

The formula for calculating football odds that you definitely must know

Some basic football betting formulas that you must know when participating in football betting:

The winnings of the football match win enough = your bet x odds

Winnings of half winnings = Capital + 1/2 x capital x odds

The losing money of a losing football bet is the same as the bet that you lost to the house

Loss of half-money chance = Your capital x 0.5

Handicap football betting formula

This concept is also known as Asian Handicap, a bet based on the odds of the Asian bookie, so the Asian bookie will only give handicap bets to players in that area.

Score 0 – 0

When you choose this price, if no team wins at the end of the game, you will get your money back whether you bet over or under. And if the score wins, the brother who bet on the right team will win, and vice versa. The amount you win or lose will be calculated = bet amount x rate specified at the beginning.

1/4. scale

When the match ends in a draw, whoever bet has the upper hand wins. If the game ends with a win or loss score, whoever bets on the right team to win will receive a bonus amount that is your capital multiplied by the odds set by the house.

Scale 1/2

At this rate, the team that is rated stronger will accept 1/2 to the left of the weaker section, and this bet has a disadvantage: if the match result is a draw, you will lose all your chances. This bet is just won or lost. If you bet on a winning hand and your bet actually wins, you get money and vice versa.

Ratio 3/4

This is a simple concept of 3/4 odds. For example, if you place a bet on Barça – Real Madrid, if the score is 1 – 0, the player who favors Barça the most wins will receive half of the chance, and similarly, Real Madrid will lose half of the bet. As for the bottom door, if you want to win, ultimately multiply your winnings, Barca must win Real Madrid by 2 goals or more, and the bottom team loses all bets.

Ratio 2.25

With this calculation, the loser’s bet can be eaten. If the team wins by 2 goals, the team down wins half the money. Otherwise, the team that comes loses half the money. However, if the team wins by 3 or more goals, the team that scores will win the match.

Ratio 1.25

If you choose this calculation method, when the difference is only 1 goal, the top team players will lose half of their money, and if the match has a difference of 2 or more goals, you will win 1.25 times. Capital spent.

Ratio 1.75

It’s a hindrance of a half or two. The dealer must score 3 to win, or only eat half the money if the winning distance is 2 goals. When the score is tied, the next keeper wins all bets, which is understandable given that the keeper has a maximum handicap of 2 and a half.

Ratio 1.5

Also known as a 1.5 handicap. According to this calculation, the upper team leaves the under section by 1 and a half. If there is a tie or 1 – 0, the group leading will lose all money and vice versa; if you win from 2 left, the bet on the top team will win. Also, you can learn more about the odds. Other bets, such as 2 – 2 or 1.75, … depending on the house, you can learn gradually after playing in detail.

The formula for calculating European football odds

European Handicap, also known as 1 × 2, is interpreted as follows:

1: That is, you bet on the home team to win, and you will receive a bonus if this team wins in the end

2: If you bet on the away team and the away team wins, you will win.

X: This is the case where the result is a tie. If the dealer offers a handicap, you win if the two teams tie. Otherwise, you will lose.

The formula for calculating football odds Under – Over

Over and Under is where the player will rely on the dealer’s initial assessment to predict whether the final result will be higher (i.e., Over) or lower (i.e., Under). Basic: When the game is over, and the team scores only 2 goals, the small ball player wins, and the big ball player loses.

In the talent match u, the odds of 1/4 are the most popular choice today. The odds of over and under are 1/4. When you choose this bet, you will easily win your bet if the team you bet on scores 3 goals.

The odds are 2 3/4. It’s a stiff odds to play; also, when you win, you only get half your stake.

Kubet the best bookie in Vietnam

Above are the shares about the football betting formula we synthesized from experienced bettors. Hopefully, through this article on Kubet, you have learned valuable information about football betting and applied it in practice to have big winning bets in the future.


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