How to write a thesis statement

How to write a thesis statement
How to write a thesis statement

How to write a thesis statement

One of the most important aspects of producing a great research paper or argumentative essay is understanding what constitutes a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement is a statement that will guide you through the rest of your work. If you’re having trouble understanding your paper or topic, it’s probably because you don’t know how to write a thesis statement.

Let’s take a moment to consider what makes a good thesis statement and what elements you’ll need to create your own.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence that explains the topic and goal of your article. A strong thesis statement will guide the framework of your essay and help your reader understand the concepts you will be discussing.

It is always placed at the beginning of a document. Typically, you’ll appear in the first few paragraphs of the paper to introduce the body paragraphs, which will provide evidence to support your thesis statement.

You must identify a clear argument in your thesis statement. You will need a statement that is not only easy to understand but also debatable. You may not use any statement of fact as your thesis.

Puppies, for example, are universally adored. “Puppies are cute and everyone knows it” is a weak thesis statement. This is not really a topic that can be debated.

“A puppy’s cuteness derives from its floppy ears, small physique, and liveliness,” for example, would be a more controversial statement. These are three points on which people may disagree.

Some people think that the best thing about puppies is how they follow you or how fluffy and fluffy they are.

Appeal aside, you want to ensure that your thesis statement is not only challenged, but also fully answers the research problem.

You should always double-check your proof to make sure it supports your claims (and not the other way around). Therefore, it is essential to read and research a topic first before deciding.

If you try to integrate your research into your thesis statement, it may not work as well as you want. You find more than you learn (and the result may not be what you originally thought).

Also, your thesis statement should not be too broad or grandiose. In a thesis statement like “The federal government must act soon on climate change,” it will be hard to include everything.

So now that you know what constitutes a strong thesis statement, you can start writing your own. Check out our selection of thesis statement examples below if you’re stuck, or if you’re the kind of person who needs to see examples before starting anything. How To Write Thesis Statement?

Where does your thesis statement go?

Your thesis statement should appear anywhere in the first few paragraphs of your paper, usually as the last sentence of the introduction.

A thesis statement is typically one sentence long, but for more complex problems, you may find it more beneficial to break it into two sentences.

Thesis Examples

Please note that the statements in this thesis have not been thoroughly studied. These are just examples of how a thesis statement can appear and how you can incorporate your own thoughts into one that comes to mind on your own.

As a result, please refrain from using these thesis statements in your own research report. They are only intended to be used as examples.

#1. vaccines

We allow all healthy and fit children to be vaccinated so that we have herd immunity since we cannot vaccinate many children due to the disease.

Low-income students should have access to educational resources during the summer so they don’t forget what they learned during the school year.

#3. School uniforms

School uniforms may be an out-of-pocket expense for families, but they eliminate visible income disparities between students and provide a fairer environment at school.

#4. Populism

Increased globalization, job losses in manufacturing, and the Syrian refugee crisis all had something to do with the growth of populism on the political scene in 2016.

Public libraries are essential community resources that local governments should support more strongly.

#5. cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is on the rise as more teens use smartphones and social media. Many teens are stressed by cyberbullying, which can lead to despair, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.

To counter cyberbullying, parents should limit their children’s use of smartphones, monitor their children’s online behavior, and report any cyberbullying to school officials.

#6. Medical Marijuana for Veterans

Studies have shown that medical marijuana use can help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (PTSD). All states should make medical marijuana prescriptions legal, and these veterans should be able to get them.

To help them reintegrate into civilian life, additional medical or therapy services must be developed and implemented.

#7. Harmony between work and life

Corporations should offer more work-from-home options and six-hour workdays so that office workers can achieve a better work-life balance and be more productive in the office.

#8. Consensual Sex Education for Youth

Although sex education that includes a discussion of voluntary sex is likely to reduce sexual assault, parents should teach their children the meaning of consent at an early age through age-appropriate courses.

#9. Choosing whether to go to college

A college degree provides important life and career lessons, but not all high school students should be pressured to enroll in college immediately after graduation.

Some students may benefit from attending a trade school or taking a “gap year” where they can focus more intensely on what they want to do as a career and how to get there.

#10. study in a foreign country

One of the most culturally valuable experiences you can have in college is studying abroad.

It is the only method to fully immerse yourself in another language while learning about other cultures and places.

#eleven. Body Image in Women

Magazines have come a long way in the last five years to include a more diverse group of models, but there’s still a long way to go in terms of collectively promoting a healthy female body image.

#12. cigarette tax

Taxing and raising the price of cigarettes is essentially a tax on the poorest Americans, but it has little effect on their purchasing decisions.

Instead, the state and federal governments should educate the economically disadvantaged about the consequences of smoking at a young age.

#13. veganism

Veganism, although it is a healthy and ethical eating method, denotes a privileged status.

If you’re traveling around the world, you also limit your access to various cultural dining experiences.

#14. College-level athletes should be compensated

College athletes should be compensated for their contributions to the university, as finding and keeping a job is challenging for these students due to their hectic academic and athletic commitments.

Many scholarship student-athletes come from low-income families and it can be difficult for them to make ends meet while playing sports.