How to Prepare for Exam Time: A Study Guide For Students

How to Prepare for Exam Time: A Study Guide For Students

Exam time is always a stressful time for many students. However, there are ways to prepare for the exam that will help you not only alleviate the stress but also have a good chance at getting a good grade on your test. When it comes to studying for an exam, it can be hard to start and end with just one book or website. 

There are so many different ways to study now and it can be overwhelming. This article will teach you how to find the best way for you to prepare for exams by looking at two major types of study strategies: cognitive and behavioral learning styles.


Exam Prep 101

Cognitive and behavioral learning styles are the two types of learning styles that students use. Most people have a combination of both. Cognitive learning styles are the best for studying new material. A student who has a high level of cognitive learning styles has a better memory. Using this learning style requires more planning and studying. The student usually knows what they want to study before they even start the task.

Behavioral learning styles are more about imitating what you see and learning in the classroom. This is a type of learning style that helps to increase efficiency and have a better chance at understanding the subject matter. Students with a high level of behavioral learning styles can get most information from written material.


What is a Study Strategy?

At its core, studying is studying. It is different from studying how to do something or how to play a sport. In studying, you are trying to create a strategy that will help you to get a better grade on a test or in an exam. For example, some people might plan to write a 4 paragraph essay about the topics in their class book about a topic they are particularly interested in. Others may have their essay written in advance so that they can take it right before the exam. This article will go through four major learning styles and how to use them to help with studying for your tests.

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Cognitive learning styles include things like reasoning and learning out of order. This is the best way to focus on one thing at a time and really understand it.


Cognitive Learning Styles

Cognitive learning styles have some benefits and drawbacks. They include spaced repetition, generalist questions, and learning by doing. The advantages of using a cognitive style are:

Selected solutions are researched, tested, and optimized for the needs of the user.

Students do not spend a lot of time on problems but spend a moderate amount of time on memorization.

Students work best when they are not interrupted with multiple factors at once.

Less talking, listening, and Study Help Me required in a cognitive style.

However, the disadvantages of a cognitive style are:

Cognitive learning styles do not provide students with a lot of assistance on choosing the best solution.

The problem of selecting the right solution is often difficult and overwhelming for learners with a cognitive style.


Behavioral Learning Styles

There are a few different ways to break up the way you learn. For example, you can start by having the child work on an activity or subject until they master it. Once that has been accomplished, they can move on to something else. However, this is not usually how to learn. 

Instead, the student would be sitting in front of the computer or book and working until they are familiar with the content and have mastered the topic. With this type of approach, the student learns primarily by focusing on a single topic or topic for a period of time, then moves on. The concept of memorizing information is not the most effective way to learn, nor is it necessarily how to acquire new information.


How to find the best study strategy for you

When it comes to studying for a test, you need to choose one method that works best for you. This can be a little difficult because you are really a unique individual and you have to find something that works for you, rather than something just one school recommends. 

We will look at some of the best study strategies for each type of student, how they work, and then give you a brief introduction to each one. In our first article, we will start by looking at how to find the best cognitive learning style for you.

Cognitive Learning Style

This is the type of learning style that we will be talking about today. Cognitive learning styles are your ability to pick up new information and really understand it.