How Can You Make Fun With Candle Boxes


All friends and family know I love candles and custom candle boxes. Every nook and corner in my home, including the washrooms, have candles according to the room’s theme. I love how a small flame can add immense warmth and cheerfulness to a room. I check out the stocks at the local candle stores and retailers to find the latest designs in candles that come in amazing custom candle packaging. A few years ago, candle brands did not think much about custom retail packaging. But as more companies and brands started manufacturing premium candles due to increased demand, the companies started using cardboard-based custom boxes to differentiate their brands from others in the marketplaces.

Cardboard-Based Custom Boxes

There are many reasons why I love the candles that come in custom candle packaging. These candles can be given as gifts easily. Most times, we all face time crunches. We are looking for solutions that do not stress our already chaotic lives. These candles can be purchased from retailers and presented to the recipient without getting them wrapped up. The custom retail boxes they come in look like gift boxes.

Best printing techniques are used on these boxes to make them appealing to the customers. Sometimes, premium add-ons and finishes are added to custom retail packaging to make it exciting and win over the customers. The best custom cardboard boxes for candles are those developed from biodegradable stocks. They are sturdy and allow me to use them to store other items.

Custom Rigid Boxes

There are times when I buy aromatherapy sets from retailers. It features a collection of products that are packed in custom rigid boxes. These boxes are a treat to watch. They are designed in premium layouts and themes and are given seamless opening and closing mechanisms.

As the name suggests, custom rigid boxes are made from the strongest stocks. They offer a solid structure for a box that does not get damaged easily. I use these boxes to store my important documents and jewelry items. I have crafted quite a few things from the custom retail boxes that come with the candles.

During the lockdown, I involved my eight-year-old kid in these projects to keep her busy as she wasn’t allowed to go to school or meet her friends. We also used other custom cardboard boxes from the kitchen for these projects.


One of the simplest projects we worked on was making pocket-sized booklets to write grocery lists. All we did was cut two twelve inches squares from our favourite custom candle boxes. We folded this square in the middle. I covered my square with suede in navy blue using fabric glue. My daughter liked the metallic foiling of the custom candle packaging and kept hers as it was.

Next, we collected all pages that were printed on only one side. Because my husband and I were working from home and even the kids were doing their school projects from home, they were easy to find. We also cut them into twelve-inch squares and folded them in the middle. The last step was to bring them all together in book form. The custom candle box was placed on the outside and stapled with paper to create the perfect mini booklets.


Now my daughter knows how to upscale the different custom retail boxes and has created drawer dividers and pencil holders for her study table to store her stationery and other items safely. Manufacturing custom retail packaging involves using the planet’s resources and energy. We must try our best to upscale these custom bath bomb packaging and use them as much as possible before discarding them. It will help us curb the issue of littering and pollution as well to a great extent.