Fundamentals of behavioral analytics


If it is worth performing then it is also worth measuring and it may sound like a famous quote but it isn’t. It is basically a basic part about doing business in any kind of industry. If the business involves a digital product, the data the business generates ranging from evolving new features of the product to fixing bugs along with improving it needs thorough analysis.

A vast majority of businesses should have some understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO), and for the latter, they should have a certain degree of understanding. Both are usually driven mainly by their own style of analytics known as behavioral analytics.

While some overlap is present in marketing analytics, behavioral analytics goes much deeper in tracking and measuring granular details from activity of users. 

In this post, experienced professionals and the best app developers in Toronto will help explain the difference between behavioral and marketing analytics, familiar analytics processes and explain briefly how they work.

Explaining behavioral analytics

Each business with a website needs to have a certain understanding of SEO. if a business in this matter is quite serious, especially in terms of making a real-time web presence, they put a lot of effort in creating engaging content and studying competition.

Moreover, businesses should also set up their Google Analytics account and drop the tracking script onto their website to make it function well.

Once an organization breaks past the learning curve and all the different numbers, it is just like any other thing where the objective for the company is to raise its score. If companies ignore the majority of their marketing or sales funnel, then the objective here is to set sights on the metrics.

Web analytics services track from where the users come from and the places they visit on the website, All the time while measuring the amount of time they spend on each page. Google Analytics 4 does the same thing for mobile apps.

Behavioral analytics takes a look beneath a user’s overall trajectory that is usually captured by analytics which is more geared for marketing activities to understand their actions in the exact manner. 

Depending on their device and input methods (for instance, a touchscreen device, a keyboard, a mouse etc.). User analytics captures and interpretes user actions whenever they interact with the app.

Overview of the way user analytics systems function

There are some unique ways that user analytics systems collect data. Almost everything generates an incident or event in the system whenever a user takes an action. For instance, interacting with an element they observe or will observe on a screen.

This very element could be anything out of the following:

  • Image.
  • Button.
  • Form.
  • Lightbox overlay.
  • Embedded podcast.
  • Video live stream.

In fundamental terms, an element could be just about anything, even basic text copied to a user’s clipboard comprises an element. 

Events are things that take place whenever a user does something, like pressing a key on their keyboard, clicking on something on a screen, where they touch the screen, pressing buttons or analog stick or other positions on a gaming console controller and the like. All of this is done to interact with an element they observe.

Here are some examples of an event:

  • Details of the way users interact with a scroll like where they touch or click and the place they move it.
  • Completing tasks when using an interactive element on a webpage.
  • The viewable area on an app’s scream when a user is backing out, or closing the app, or when the app crashes.

What should the behavioral analytics be tracking?

The design and purpose of the app defines the kind of events that should be tracked. Furthermore, the company using such analytics must also configure the triggers. It should be understood that the actual implementation is often handled by a developer familiar with the website or the app. This helps them  to configure and maintain some of the more complicated tags and code.

Behavioral Analytics are used to keep UX and products on point

Behavioral analytics is useful in helping companies understand user behavior. It is not just a marketing thing, it even helps developers understand where the users are stuck and which areas are helping users (hire app developer).