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Fabric Air Duct Systems

The Patterson Power Tube is a fabric air duct system specially designed to effectively control the distribution of airflow over large areas by moving and directing air through a special vented tube powered by a single high pressure fan. A fan can send airflow from multiple workstations or through an assembly line to multiple workers at ground level.


Power Tubes are available in five standard models (each model connects to an appropriately sized high-speed fan) and an endless array of custom configurations. The five standard models were designed with optimum airflow in mind; Tube length, hole size and hole spacing were calculated so that the area along the tube length gets even and uniform air movement.

Patterson’s custom Power Tubes come with an endless combination of possibilities. Our sales engineers can help you design a system that meets the unique airflow requirements of your application.


Power tubes are inexpensive, even in the winter, as they keep the air delaminated. This process works by mixing warm air held close to the ceiling with cool air below to create a balanced temperature, reducing stress on your HVAC system.

Two ways to use the feed tube for detratification:

1. If ceiling space is limited, use a vertically mounted fan and an open-ended pipe. It can also be used to heat certain areas.

2. Place a standard supply pipe mounted horizontally near the ceiling. Workers at ground level will feel the heat instead of the breeze. Use this method if a large ceiling fan is over your budget.


Increase energy efficiency through better air distribution.

Move warmer air from one area of ​​your facility to another

Custom tube configurations can skip objects

Handle up to 12,000 CFM of trapped heat

Our sales engineers will help you design a system that meets the unique airflow requirements of your application, taking into account the size of the workspace, floor plan, and other variables.


Patterson’s HVSU (High Speed ​​Power Unit) is the only ventilation fabric duct manufacturers on the market that can bring outside air in and then direct it 120-200 feet in the direction you need it. Combine our HVSU with a Patterson supply pipe to effectively direct and control the distribution of airflow over large areas. Not only can you ventilate your building, but you can also feel the fresh air coming in.

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