Examples of Thought Leadership Content

thought leadership

A thought leader is someone who is considered an authority in a given field and to whom other entities go for insights. Thought leadership content is content from a brand or from a group of individuals who knows the specific industry best. 

If you want to become a successful thought leader in your industry you must aspire to gain such deep knowledge about your industry. However, a comprehensive idea about the thought leadership content would also be helpful to take your first steps into the territory. 

Best Examples of Thought Leadership Content 

Here are 5 examples of thought leadership content to help you take the first step: 

1. American Express Business Blogs 

A business can show its talents to its audience in a very powerful way with its content. American Express does it very well with its financial blogs that provide insights and helps small companies and start-ups with their business. 

On their blog page, they regularly post content with marketing advice, business ideas, tips, and a lot more. 

American Express has built a solid foundation of trust with its long and consistent performance in the banking and financial markets. They use that trust as leverage behind the content and provide a lot of useful and necessary information to the readers. 

It is one of the best examples of thought leadership content. 

2. Deloitte’s Blogs 

When most people conduct research on financial topics they might not know that a few major accounting firms in the United States handle the vast majority of the information. 

Among the companies that help spread research ideas, Deloitte is a significant one. Their blog provides information regarding highly important topics such as consumer trends and retail shopping surveys. 

The data they provide is highly industry-specific and their thought leadership is prominent as their critical information helps other companies make better decisions.

If you have a business from the BFSI industry, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the market. For that, you will need to publish helpful content on a regular basis. You can hire a BFSI content writing services from an expert agency to succeed in this endeavour.

3. Grow by CNBC and Acorns 

Grow is a blog resulting from a partnership between CNBC, a media outlet and Acorns, a micro-investment app. The blog is to satisfy consumers with any and all of their financial queries. 

Both organisations brought the trust they had obtained from their respective audiences together and built the website to create a blog aiming to provide the best value possible. 

Grow covers almost the totality of financial wellness through interviews with financial experts, billionaire investors, and so on. 

It is noteworthy that there is a very little portion of content dedicated to investing (Acorn’s industry) as they know that they should utilise the huge opportunity of providing valuable information to people. They also know that people can eventually become their customers later. 

This makes the blog a good example of where they take the thought leadership approach. 

4. REI’s Blogs 

Blogs are an awesome way to showcase subject matter knowledge and build trust among a specific audience for any brand. However, it is necessary that you know the art of finding topics for your digital marketing.

Outdoor brand REI’s blog is a great example of thought leadership content. They post content on various outdoor activities and other related topics fairly consistently. They use real experts to create the content. 

For example, one can learn what to pack for a backpacking tour from this blog, and find necessary items at the retailer’s online store. This helps fulfil customers’ needs that the blog brought up.  

It is an excellent example of how e-commerce companies can also do thought leadership. 

5. Johnson & Johnson’s Website

Johnson & Johnson is a household name in the health, personal care, and wellness industry. They have done something extraordinary through their blog and the website. From basic beauty products to major medical breakthroughs they have successfully drawn the attention of the public to their numerous brands in the marketplace. 

This not only makes them trustable figures in the industry, but it also provides answers when queries arise regarding mundane as well as rare occasions. 

Their thought leadership shows that even enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson can connect directly to customers. 

Apart from these examples of thought leadership content, a business should also get to know what content writing topics are available to its niche and how to go about the content management aspect of it. If done correctly it could work wonders for a business in a number of ways.