Common Errors & Solutions for the Brother Pe535:

Embroidery digitizing services
Embroidery digitizing services

Let’s talk about common errors in brother PE535 and how to fix them for Embroidery digitizing services.

1. Fabric Doesn’t Eat:

Check to see if the drop feed has been reduced if the machine you own has one. If it has, you must move it to the appropriate position. The next step, if you have a technical feed, is to make sure the foot is in the right position. In the event that it has not, then diminish it!

Next, measure your stitch’s length. If the stitch is very short, few Brother machines would not feed anything. The feed dogs may also have been clogged with dust, broken threads, and fuzz. This issue would be resolved quickly with a thorough cleaning.

When you’re cleaning, pay close attention to where your feed dogs and bobbin case are held. Your brother’s machine wouldn’t work as it should if these areas got stuck.

2. The handwheel is free, but the needle is not moving:

To determine whether the machine is operating in bobbin winding mode, slide the bobbin winder shaft to the left. This would put the machine back into sewing mode for Embroidery digitizing service.

3. The lower thread is not being picked up by the machine:

Check to see if the needle is bent and, if so, replace it with a new one. Re-thread the machine in accordance with the machine’s manual’s threading instructions.

Instructions for your machine can also be found online through the brother solution center.

Always keep in mind that Brother machines may have trouble picking up the lower thread if you use needles made by Butterfly or Singer, which are not always compatible. We’ll recommend using needles from Organ or Schmetz.

4. The Brother Machine Doesn’t Stitch:

This problem has a few causes. Stop what you’re doing and check again to see if the top thread is correctly threaded because it might not have been at first.

If it is, you can proceed to the needle bar thread guide for further examination. The back of the needle bar thread guide must have the needle thread. Thirdly, you must determine whether the thread is tangled or knotted. Fourthly, the needle might not be able to fit the thread.

Alter the thread so that it will fit the needle or untangle the thread. Next, examine the needle to see if it has a bent or blunt tip. After that, check the area around the needle hole for scratches. If those are present, change the needle.

Last but not least, check your presser foot and bobbin to see if they are the problem. If the bobbin has scratches, you must replace it. You are looking for scratches.

5. The Brother Machine Doesn’t Sew:

The following are some typical quick fixes for Brother Pe535 embroidery issues:

If the bobbin winder shaft is pushed to the right, check to see if it is. If it is, move it to the left.
Make sure the hand wheel’s threading line is at the top position to ensure that the machine is threaded correctly—this puts the needle in the right position for threading.
Before threading the brother machine, check to see that the presser foot is raised. Place your bobbin in the machine correctly. The thread must be wound around the top-loading bobbin in an anti-clockwise direction. Make use of the machine’s guides or consult the guide manual.

6. Thread Constantly Breaks:

Make an effort to re-thread the top thread by positioning the hand wheel’s threading indicator toward the top. Doing so places the thread take-up lever at threading point three, which is the ideal position for threading.

Choose high-quality thread. When there is nothing wrong with the machine, it is common for cheap threads of poor quality or threads made for hand sewing to be the cause of what appear to be tension issues. If you use thread that doesn’t pull through smoothly, it could break the thread, make your stitching look bad, or hurt your machine. You must use brand-name thread of high quality for the best results.

Use the raised foot on your machine to see if your thread can be used on a machine. The thread must absolutely pull through the machine.

7. Under the fabric, thread bunching or thread birds’ nests:


Rethread the top thread once more, making sure the threading line indicator on the hand wheel is at the top. This puts the thread take-up lever at threading point three, which is the right place to thread. Also, make sure you didn’t miss the take-up lever, which would make the thread gather under the fabric.
Re-threading the top thread with the assistance of your presser foot raised (treading your machine with the foot down would result in zero tension being applied to the top thread because the tension discs are closed); resetting your bobbin case in accordance with the instruction manual; resetting the tension to setting number four if the setting is very low.

8. Machine Sews in the Other Direction:

In the case of mechanical ones, make sure the buttonhole lever is not pointing down.

For machines that are electronic or computerized, turn them off and on again to re-calibrate the feed motor.

9. The needle threader is broken:

For mechanical machines, position the line on the handwheel to the top and refer to the upper thread in your manual. For electric machines, press the needle position button so that the needle returns to the top. The needle is not raised to the highest point.
The needle is not installed correctly. Before tightening the screw, ensure that the needle is completely inserted into the needle bar clamp and that the flat parts are in the back. Brother recommends organ or Schmetz needles, and 11/75 is the smallest needle you can use with the help of the needle threader.
The needle threader’s hook is bent and cannot pass through the needle’s eye. For assistance, please contact your dealer or use the dealer locator to locate the closest repair facility. Keep in mind that the warranty does not cover needle threaders.
Thus, these were the normal sibling pe535 issues fixed. Troubleshooting the Brother pe535 embroidery machine is simple.

Ending with an Offer:

So It is not difficult to troubleshoot your brother’s machine. If the issues are widespread and simple to address. Computerized Brother appliances might be more difficult to operate, necessitating more frequent visits to the company’s repairman.

These were the straightforward instructions for fixing problems with the Brother P535 embroidery machine and troubleshooting the machine. It’s time to get started embroidering now that you know how to troubleshoot a brother pe535 embroidery machine. Have fun!

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