Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Dumps

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Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Dumps

DES-3128 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, NetWorker Exam

This exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, NetWorker (DCS-IE) track. This exam focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in enterprise backup concepts and terminology and can successfully implement solutions designs with Dell EMC NetWorker backup solutions. This exam covers NetWorker Concepts, NetWorker Implementation, NetWorker Administration, and NetWorker Administration – Cloud Enablement. This exam also covers use cases, system architecture, components, monitoring, maintenance, capacity management, backup, restore, implementation, maintenance, and best practices.

Exam Information

Part 1:
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of Questions: 54 Questions
Pass Score: 63%
Part 2:
Duration: 30 Minutes
Number of Questions: 6 Simulations
Pass Score: 66%
A passing score is required on both parts of this exam.

Exam Topics

Dell EMC NetWorker Overview (15%)

● Describe a NetWorker solution and its advantages
● Identify and describe the NetWorker software components and their roles, data protection functions, and terminology
● Explain how to use of NetWorker control data and administrative interfaces

Dell EMC NetWorker Modules Overview (10%)

● Explain how NetWorker modules work with native applications to support backup and recovery
● Explain the functionality of various NetWorker modules; for example, NMM and NMDA

Dell EMC NetWorker Installation and Configuration (33%)

● Describe the NetWorker architecture and components, including processes and backup data flow
● Install and license NetWorker, NetWorker Management Console, and NWUI
● Configure NetWorker backups; including client, protection group, policy and directive resources, and client save set and backup command attributes
● Distinguish and choose between NetWorker backup options, including synthetic full backup, block-based backup, and snapshot management
● Configure and manage NetWorker backup devices, including device types, media pools, client direct backups, cloning, and staging

Dell EMC NetWorker Administration and Management (27%)

● Demonstrate knowledge and application of NetWorker security features, including NetWorker authentication (AuthC), NetWorker user groups, and logs
● Configure and manage the NetWorker server and NetWorker Management Console; for example: notifications, reports, parallelism, and multi-tenancy
● Identify and describe how to recover Windows hosts and configure NetWorker in cluster environments
● Perform NetWorker recoveries: for example: directed, browsable, and save set
● Demonstrate how NetWorker databases are managed, backed up, and restored; for example: media and resources databases and client file indexes

Dell EMC NetWorker Cloud Enablement (15%)

● Describe the NetWorker features and capabilities that support backup to and in the Cloud
● Configure NetWorker with CloudBoost, Dell EMC Cloud Tier, and NetWorker Virtual Edition
● Manage NetWorker with CloudBoost, Dell EMC Cloud Tier, and NetWorker Virtual Edition

Share Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist for Implementation Engineers DES-3128 Sample Questions

What resource does NetWorker use to protect VMware objects, save sets, or clients?
A.Data Protection Policy
D.Protection Group
Answer: A
By default, which NetWorker server policy and workflow back up the CFI?
A.Server Protection policy and NMC Server backup workflow
B.Server Protection policy and Server backup workflow
C.Silver policy and NMC Server backup workflow
D.Gold policy and Server backup workflow
Answer: C
A NetWorker server is utilizing a remote storage node. There is a PowerProtect DD appliance with two VTLs configured, and it is attached to the storage node via Fiber Channel. There is also a physical media library attached to the same storage node.
How many nsrlcpd processes are running on the storage node?
Answer: D
Which monitoring tool is used to view current device operations, active sessions, messages concerning recent activity, and any pending messages?
A.NetWorker Character-Based Interface
D.Networker WebUser Interface
Answer: D
A backup administrator is performing a Block-Based Backup of a RHEL Server and it fails.
What is the cause of the issue?
A.PSS is enabled for target Data Domain devices.
B.The Igtobbb package is not installed.
C.AFTD device is enabled for Client Direct.
D.LVM or VxVM are enabled on the OS level.
Answer: C
A NetWorker workflow is configured as a probe-based backup.
What actions must be included in the workflow?
A. check connectivity and probe actions
B. clone and probe and action only
C. internal and metadata validation
D. probe and backup actions
Answer: A